UPSC: IFoS Exam Paper 2014 : - "General Knowledge"

Union Public Service Commission Indian Forest Service Exam, 2014

General Knowledge


1. Answer all of the following

  1. How did Buddhism influence Asoka in decision making and governance? 12.5

  2. Discuss the efforts and strategy of Akbar towards social harmony. 12.5

  3. Describe the salient features of Chola art. 12.5

  4. Assess the importance of Champaran Satyagraha. 12.5

2. Answer all of the following

  1. Discuss the objectives of Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan Yojana. What challenges do you foresee in its implementation? 12.5

  2. What are the reasons for persistent high rate of food inflation in India? 12.5

  3. Explain demographic dividend and its relevance to India. 12.5

  4. Discuss the recommendations of Rangarajan panel on the estimates of poverty in India. 12.5

3. Answer all of the following

  1. What do you understand by Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment? 12.5

  2. Discuss the causes of the recent devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir. How do they compare with those of Uttarakhand disaster last year? 12.5

  3. What do you understand by soil erosion? Discuss its causes. 12.5

  4. What are wetlands? Discuss their importance. 12.5

4. Answer all of the following

  1. How is the federal structure of Indian Constitution ensured? 12.5

  2. What do you understand by “minimum government and maximum governance”? 12.5

  3. Explain the Right of Constitutional Remedies given in the Indian Constitution. 12.5

  4. How is a money bill different than a financial bill? 12.5

5. Answer all of the following

  1. Discuss the role of UNHRC in Indian perspective. 12.5

  2. Comment on Israel-Palestinian conflict. 12.5

  3. What are the objectives of European union? 12.5

  4. Write a note on Indo-Japanese collaboration. 12.5

6. Answer all of the following

  1. Comment on “Digital India Programme”. 12.5

  2. What do you understand by Nano technology? How is it critical in context with Indian food industry? 12.5

  3. How is Indian mission of Mars different than that of other countries in recent past? 12.5

  4. How is Cryogenics different from Cryonics? 12.5

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