Written Result : (With Name) Indian Forest Service Examination (Main), 2019

Written Result : (With Name) Indian Forest Service Examination (Main), 2019

On the basis of the results of the Indian Forest Services (Main) Examination, 2019 held by the Union Public  Service  Commission  from  1st  December  to  8th  December,  2019,  the  candidates  with  the  under mentioned  Roll  Numbers  have  qualified  for  Personality  Test  for  selection  to  the  Indian  Forest  Service Examination‐2019 (Group ‘A’).  

2.  Candidature of these candidates is provisional subject to their being found eligible in all respects.  The candidates will be required to produce the original certificates in support of their claims pertaining to  age,  educational  qualifications,  community,  EWS,  Person  with  Benchmark  Disability  (PwBD)  and  other  documents such as TA Form, etc. at the time of their Personality Test. The formats of SC/ST/OBC and PwBD  certificates and TA Form, etc. can be downloaded from the website of the Commission. They are, therefore,  advised  to keep  the  said  documents  ready with  them.  Candidates seeking  reservation/relaxation benefits  available for SC/ST/OBC/PwBD/Ex‐servicemen must also produce original certificates dated earlier than the  closing  date  of  the  application  for  Indian  Forest  Service  Examination‐2019  through  Civil  Services  (Preliminary)  Examination,  2019  i.e.  19.03.2019.  Candidates  seeking  reservation/relaxation  benefits available  for  EWS  must  produce  original  Income  &  Asset  certificate  of  issuing  date  earlier  than 01.08.2019. 

3.  Personality Tests (Interviews) of these candidates are likely to commence in the month February, 2020.   Personality Tests will be held in the Office of the Union Public Service Commission at Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi‐110069. The e‐Summon Letter of Personality Test of candidates being called for Interview  may  be  downloaded  from  the  Commission’s  Website  http://www.upsc.gov.in  & http://www.upsconline.in from   24  Jan,  2020. The candidates who are not able  to download e‐Summon Letter  for Personality Test, should immediately contact  the office of  the Commission  through letter or on Phone Nos.  011‐23385271,  011‐23381125,  011‐23098543 or Fax No. 011‐23387310,  011‐23384472 or by email on (skindo‐upsc@gov.in). No paper Summon Letters will be issued for the Personality Test/Interview by the Commission.  

4.  No request for change in the date and time of the Personality Test intimated to the candidates will ordinarily be entertained. 

5.  All the candidates, who qualified for Personality Test/Interview are required to opt in/opt out for publically making available  their scores under  the Public Disclosure Scheme. Candidates are advised  to go through DoP&T letter No. 39020/1/2016‐Estt(B) dated 21.06.2016, 19.07.2017 and Commission’s Note on PUBLIC  DISCLOSURE,  THROUGH  PORTAL,  OF  SCORES  OF  CANDIDATES  NOT  RECOMMENDED  BY  THE COMMISSION  AGAINST  THE  RESULT  OF  AN  EXAMINATION.  Candidates  should  note  that  only  after submitting their option for opt in/opt out, they will be able to download their e‐Summon letter. 

6.  With regard  to  the Detailed Application Form‐II  (DAF‐II),  following provisions have been made in the Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination‐2019 Rules: 

I. A candidate who qualifies for Personality Test /Interview on the basis of Result of Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2019, will be required to submit their Order of Preferences for Zone(s) /State(s) Cadre through DAF-II. DAF-II will be made available on the Commission’s website from 21 /01/2020 to 28 /01/2020 (06:00 P.M.)
II. The preferences once opted and submitted cannot be modified or changed at a later stage. Therefore, the candidates are advised to exercise due diligence while filling up the preferences for Zones as well as Cadres there under. No change in preferences for Zones once indicated by a candidate would be permitted. If a candidate fails to submit the DAF-II by last date/time, it will be considered that the candidate has no preference to make for Zones & Cadres and no request shall be entertained in this regard.
III. No request for any type of change/modification of information already supplied in DAF-II would be entertained by the Commission. However, wherever necessary the candidates are advised to notify changes in their address/contact details only, if any, to the Commission immediately through letter, email (skindo-upsc@gov.in) or Fax at numbers indicated above within 7 days of publishing this Press Note.

7.  Name and Roll Nos. of qualified candidates is also available in upsc website i.e. www.upsc.gov.in .Qualified Candidates have to bring their photo ID whatever they mentioned in the DAF‐II. 

8.  The marks sheets of candidates who have not qualified, will be put on the Commission’s Website within 15 days  from  the date of publication of  the  final  result  (after conducting Personality Test) and will remain available on the Website for a period of 30 days. 

                         Roll No.                                       Name

0103776                                             PARAYANA SHREE

0110512                                             RAJ KUMAR SHARMA

0211865                                             RISHABH JAIN

0301315                                             KANKANALA ANIL KUMAR

0305291                                             HEMA NAYAK

0305662                                             YOGEESHA C K

0305808                                             AMITHA K B

0308320                                             SWAGATH M M

0310344                                             NIDHIN K BIJU

0311130                                             PRITHA HOSUR

0311530                                             APURV

0314153                                             YADAV SURYABHAN ACHCHHELAL

0322470                                             SMILNA SUDHAKAR

0326343                                             SACHIN HANAMAPPA NADAGADDI

0328478                                             MITHIL T M

0331997                                             POOJA NAGLE

0337888                                             VADITHYA SHASIKANTH NAIK

0338741                                             DIGANTH NAYAK

0341419                                             KALE PRATIKSHA NANASAHEB

0405090                                             ANMOL JAIN

0425542                                             SHREYAS SRIVASTAVA

0504630                                             AMAN VERMA

0515047                                             SHINDE PRASAD SITARAM

0519692                                             MANDAR UMESH JEWARE

0520956                                             HARVIR SINGH

0701914                                             MOHAMMED FATAHUN AZEEZ KHAN

0709586                                             ANURAG MISHRA

0801516                                             AMIT KALER

0805418                                             DEVESH PANDEY

0806474                                             YOGENDRA SINGH

0807540                                             JIYAUR RAHMAN

0812481                                             SUNNY KHOKHAR

0813890                                             MOHD ARSHAD HAIDER NAQVI

0817437                                             BEERENDRA KUMAR PATEL

0819142                                             INDRA BHUSHAN

0819391                                             VARUN B R

0821863                                             AKASH GARG

0823637                                             SATYENDRA MAURYA

0826444                                             DIVYA SHAKTI

0828389                                             ANAND KUMAR

0830127                                             DHEERAJ YADAV

0831995                                             GARUD SUSHIL TULSHIDAS

0832401                                             RAJAT GUPTA

0832725                                             ANKUR KUMAR JAIN

0833281                                             LAVISH ORDIA

0834368                                             ROHIT YADAV

0836217                                             SHRUTI

0836397                                             DIVYANSHU SINGAL

0836410                                             RAHUL KUMAR AGRAWAL

0838486                                             KULDEEP SHARMA

0838508                                             PRASHANT SINGH

0838579                                             SHIKHAR PRADHAN

0838843                                             PRAVEEN KUMAR

0839368                                             MOHIT RAWAT


0841593                                             RAHUL KUMAR

0842204                                             KHATRI VISHAL DINANATH

0843016                                             PRATEEK JAIN

0849358                                             JATIN KUMAR

0849679                                             MANDEEP KUMAR

0853575                                             PRANAV JAIN

0855702                                             PRAKHAR JAIN

0857023                                             ASHISH KUMAR VERMA

0857467                                             MD MANZAR HUSSAIN ANJUM

0858415                                             SHUBHAM BARANWAL

0859221                                             ANURAG PRIYEDARSHI

0859382                                             MEENA AVDHESHKUMAR SHIVKUMAR

0861923                                             AMAN KUMAR JAIN

0862487                                             MONIKA

0863129                                             NAMAN JAIN

0864169                                             AMIT KUMAR

0866491                                             REVTI RAMAN

0866852                                             ARPIT GARG

0867503                                             MUKUL JAIN

0868669                                             ANURADHA MISHRA

0869360                                             RAHUL KUMAR MEENA

0869490                                             RAMGUDE YOGESH RAMCHANDRA

0871324                                             SAI MANISH B

0872626                                             SHUBHAM SINGH

0872777                                             SHASHANK KATARIA

0873098                                             NAMRATA BIJORIA

0873848                                             SUMIT DHAYAL

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