(Download) IGNOU POLITICAL SCIENCE (M.A.) Study Notes for IAS, UPSC Exams

(Download) IGNOU POLITICAL SCIENCE (M.A.) Study Notes for IAS, UPSC Exams



First Year

MPS-001 Political Theory

Unit1 What is political theory and why Study it?
Unit2 Democracy
Unit3 Rights
Unit4 Liberty
Unit5 Equality
Unit6 Justice
Unit7 Idea of Duty
Unit8 Citizenship
Unit9 Sovereignty
Unit10 State and Civil Society:
Unit11 Power and Authority
Unit12 Legitimation and Obligation
Unit13 Civil disobedience and Satyagraha
Unit14 Political Violence
Unit15 Classical Liberalism
Unit16 Welfare State
Unit17 Libertarianism
Unit18 Marx,Lenin and Mao
Unit19 Lukacs, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School
Unit20 Socialism
Unit21 Conservatism
Unit22 Fundamentalism
Unit23 Nationalism
Unit24 MultiCulturalism
Unit25 Fascism
Unit26 Feminism
Unit27 Gandhism and Pacifism
Unit28 Communitarianism and Civic Republicanism
Unit29 Political Theory in a Globalising World

MPS-002 International Relations: Theory and Problems

Unit1 Realist and NeoRealist Approaches
Unit2 Liberal and NeoLiberal Approaches
Unit3 Marxist and Other Radical Approaches
Unit4 NeoRadical Approaches
Unit5 PostStructuralist and PostModernist Approaches
Unit6 Feminist Approaches
Unit7 Environmental Approaches
Unit8 Worldviews from Asia, Africa and Latin America
Unit9 End of Cold War
Unit10 PostCold War Issues
Unit11 Emerging Powers
Unit12 Regional Groupings
Unit13 Globalisation
Unit14 International Inequities
Unit15 Elements of International Economic Relations
Unit16 Management of International Relations
Unit17 India in the New Global Order
Unit18 Right to SelfDetermination
Unit19 Intervention/Invasion
Unit20 Nuclear Proliferation
Unit21 International Terrorism
Unit22 Role of Science and Technology in International Relations
Unit23 Inequality among Nations
Unit24 Global corporatism and state Sovereignty
Unit25 Human Rights and International Trade
Unit26 Changing Nature of American Power
Unit27 China as an Emerging Power
Unit28 Emergence of Central Asian Republics
Unit29 Ethnic Resurgence and ‘Identity’ Wars
Unit30 Aboriginal/Indigenous Movements
Unit31 Displacement of population: Intrastate and interstate
Unit32 Transnational Movements: Cultural and Civilization
Unit33 Role of NGOS
Unit34 The Concept of Justice in International Relations
Unit35 Human Security

MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development

Unit1 Legacy of National Movement With Reference To Development, Rights and Participation
Unit2 Debate on Models of Development
Unit3 Constitution and Social Transformation
Unit4 Diversity and Pluralism
Unit5 Inequality: Caste and Class
Unit6 Political Economy of Development
Unit7 Structure and Growth of Economy (Poverty, Surplus and Unevenness)
Unit8 Legislature
Unit9 Bureaucracy, Police and Army
Unit10 Legal System and Judiciary
Unit11 Federalism
Unit12 Devolution of Powers and Local SelfGovernment
Unit13 Political Parties and Political Participation
Unit14 Workers and Peasant Movements in India
Unit15 Media and Public Policy
Unit16 Interest Groups and Policy Making
Unit17 Identity Politics in India (Caste, Religion, Language and Ethnicity)
Unit18 Civil Societies: Social Movements, Ngo’s and Voluntary Action
Unit19 Human Development: Health, Education and Social Security
Unit20 Gender and Development
Unit21 Regional Imbalances
Unit22 Migration and Development
Unit23 Environment and Sustainable Development
Unit24 Economic Reforms and Globalisation
Unit25 Religious PoliticsUnit26 Ethnicity and Nation State
Unit27 Democracy and Development in India: An Assessment

MPS-004 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends

Unit1 Comparative Politics: Nature, Significance and Evolution
Unit2 Comparative Approaches and Methods: System, Structural, Public Policy
Unit3 Comparative Approaches: Political Economy, Dependency and World Systems
Unit4 Theories of State
Unit5 State in Developing Societies: Asian, Africanand Latin American Experiences
Unit6 Civil Society and the State
Unit7 Globalisation and the State
Unit8 Regional Integration and State
Unit9 International Organisation and State
Unit10 Transnational/Multinational Corporations and State
Unit11 Nationalism: Approaches
Unit12 Forms Of Nationalism
Unit13 Colonialism and AntiColonial Struggles
Unit14 Nationality and SelfDetermination
Unit15 State Building And Constitutionalism
Unit16 Ethnicity Politics And State Narang, A.S.
Unit17 Politics of Community Identities Singh, Gurnam
Unit18 Ethnic Movements Narang, A.S.
Unit19 Political Regimes Jain, R.B.
Unit20 Bureaucracy Jain, R.B.
Unit21 Military In Politics Jain, R.B.
Unit22 Federalism: Patterns and Trends Khan, Arshi
Unit23 Parties and Party Systems Khanna, V. N.
Unit24 Interest Groups, Pressure Groups and Lobbying Khanna, V. N.
Unit25 Poverty and Human DevelopmentAmbatkar, Sanjay
Unit26 Gender and Development Menon, Nivadita
Unit27 Environment Singh, Amita
Unit28 Science, Technology and Politics Sondhi, Sunil
Unit29 Decentralisation and Participation Bhattacharya, Mohit
Unit30 Human Rights Vijapur, Abdul Rahim P.


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