IPS: minimum Physical standards; Including Eye Test Requirements

IPS: minimum Physical standards; Including Eye Test Requirements

Many friends have asked about the minimum Physical standards for IPS.

I am giving these here. The  physical standards are important for the job profile and the rigorous training at the NPA, which includes weekly run for 10 k.m. in 60 minutes, route march for 25 k.m. UAC, Horse riding, rock climbing, assault course, PT obstacles, rope climbing etc.  I shall give a detailed a/c of this sometime.

Services are divided into technical and non-technical.Technical services are IRTS, IPS, DANI PS, CISF, RPF & other Police organisation.  The Medical standards for Technical Services are stringent.

For IPS:

Male Height Chest
  165 cm Min-84cm Max-89cm

Pahari Male (general also) & ST (not the SC/ OBC) – 160 cm

Female- 150 cm

Pahari Female  (general also) & ST (not SC/ OBC)- 145 cm

Chest – Male Minimum 84 cm.

Expansion 5 cm.

Female Min 79 cm

Expansion 5 cm.

(Those can’t expand the chest go to next service. If expansion is less during 1st Medical, i.e. just after interview; during second Medical, i.e. after the result, or appeal, expansion can be shown.)

Many people fail in this test of chest expansion.

(I know some people who have cleared this exam during the second Medical Test, i.e. after the Medical Exam conducted after the declaration of Final result)

Eye sight – 6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for good eye. 6/12 or 6/9 for worst eye.

Near vision J 1 for good eye. J2 for worst eye.

The correction is by lenses only.

High standard for the Colour-blind test.

No inherent night blindness.

Vision should stereoscopic.

Blood pressure (High) :

Age 23 – 123,

age 24 – 124, 

age 25 –122, 

age 28 – 124,

age 30 –125,

age 32 – 126, 

age 34 – 127.

Ladies should not be pregnant at the time of Medical Test.

Ear- good listening & normal ear cavity. 1000 to 4000 frequency hearing impairment shd not be more than 30 decibels.

Nasal- candidate should not stammer while speaking.

Now the answer to one question which many people have asked- Shall I face any difficulty in OUTDOORS at the National Police Academy, due to my advanced age? I was not active in past; shall I face difficulty in outdoors?

Ans- The Medical Standards are meant to ensure that you shall be able to do the outdoors.  But some people face difficulty in outdoors. I know a person from Army background underwent knee surgery (to cure cracked plate) due to extra ordinary strain in outdoors. The bone injuries are common to those who do not have enough flexibility.