(Papers) Kerala PSC :  KAS MAINS Exam Papers 2020 (Part-1)


(Papers) Kerala PSC :  KAS MAINS Exam Papers 2020 (Part-1)

  • Total Number of Questions : 26
  • Time : 2.00 Hours 
  • Max. Marks : 100 

1. "Industrialisation of Britain was premised upon deindustrialisation of India." Examine. (3 Marks) 

2. "Indian Renaissance resulted in the emergence of new identity for Indian Women." Analyze. (3 Marks) 

3. "Colonialism transformed peasantry as well as agrarian structure of India like never before." Comment. (3 Marks) 

4. Assess the ethics of Panchsheel in India - China relations. (3 Marks) 

5. "The integration of India was the miraculous achievement of two remarkable men." Elaborate. (3 Marks) 

6. What were the modern policies of Mysore rulers that transformed the traditional society of Malabar ? (3 Marks) 

7. Evaluate the importance of Pazhassi Revolts in the anticolonial struggles of Kerala. (3 Marks) 

8. How do you locate Poikayil Appachan who contested caste slavery and recovered slave experiences in colonial Kerala ? (3 Marks) 

9. How did missionary activism evolve educational infrastructure for the modernisation process in Kerala? (3 Marks) 

10. Describe the process of Aikya Kerala movement and making of Kerala as a linguistic and cultural region. (3 Marks) 

11. Write about the Mural Painting technique in Kerala in the light of Silparatna. (3 Marks) 

12. How Chandu Menon's Indulekha reflects the changing social life of Malabar after the spread of English Education. (3 Marks) 

13. Discuss the features of the medical lore and magico-religious practices of the tribal folks of Kerala. (3 Marks) 

14. Examine the evolution of the structural temples of Kerala from the rock-cut temples. (3 Marks) 

15. Evaluate the nature of the traditional domestic architecture of Kerala. (3 Marks) 

16. Mention key archaeological sites for the cultural study of the Kerala region. (5 Marks) 

17. Elucidate on Sangam literature. (5 Marks) 

18. Discuss the emergence of Dravidian temple architecture. (5 Marks) 

19. Why Nalanda and Taxila (Takshashila) are popular education centres of ancient and medieval India. (5 Marks) 

20. "Political freedom must mean the economic emancipation of the masses." Elucidate the given statement with reference to Indian struggle for Independence. (5 Marks) 

21. Give a critical assessment of Kerala Model of Development. (5 Marks) 

22. "Industrial Revolution changed people's relationship to craftsmanship, time and community." - Explain. (5 Marks) 

23. Write a note on the mandate system introduced after World War I. (5 Marks) 

24. "The Age of Imperialism which happened so quickly in the last decades of the 19th Century collapsed almost as quickly in the first decades following Second World War." - Discuss. (5 Marks) 

25. "Capitalist development did not occur in colonies." - Elaborate. (5 Marks) 

26. "There is no other literary genre than Thullal which has the power to portray our rural life so truthfully and comprehensively." – Critically examine. (5 Marks) 

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