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West Indies Tri-Nation Series

India on 11 July 2013 won t he West Indies Tri-Nation Series 2013 Final after defeating Sri Lanka with 1 wicket a t Queens Park Oval, Port of Spain in Trinidad. Mahendra Singh Dhoni captained the Indian Side in
the tri-nation series, whereas, AD Mathews was the captain of the Sri Lanka. Kohli captained the Indian side in the second, third and fourth match after Dhoni suffered from a hamstring injury in the first match against and was out from the series in second, third and fourth match.

Match Report Final

  • After winning the toss, India chose to field first.
  • Sri Lanka batted first in the final match and scored 201 runs at the fall of 10 wickets in 48.5 overs
  • India scored 202 with 1 wicket and two balls remaining to win the series
  • Player of the match MS Dhoni (India)
  • Player of the series B Kumar (India)

Series Report 1st Match

  • Batting first Sri Lanka scored 208 in 48.3 overs
  • West Indies chased the score in 37.5 overs at the loss of 4 wickets
  • West Indies won by 6 wickets (with 73 balls remaining)

2nd Match

  • India scored 229at the loss of 7 wickets in 50 overs, whereas, West Indies chased the score in 47.4 overs at the loss of 9 wickets.

3rd Match

  • Sri Lanka batted first and scored 348 with 9 wickets remaining in 50 overs and India was bowled out at 187 in 44.5 overs. Sri Lanka won the match by 161 runs.

4th Match

  • India scored 311 at the loss of 7 wickets in 50 overs. West Indies lost the match as it was able to score 171 runs as the loss of all wickets in 34 overs. As per DuckworthLewis method a game of 39 overs was played and the target given to West Indies was 274. India won by 102 runs (DuckworthLewis method)

5th Match

  • Sri Lanka batting first scored 219 runs at a loss of 8 wickets in 41 overs, whereas, West Indies was able to score only 190 runs at a loss of 9 wickets in 41 overs. The match was played as per Duckworth Lewis method and the target given to West Indies was 230 runs in 41 overs. Sri Lanka won by 39 runs (DuckworthLewis method)

6th Match

  • India was able to score 119 runs at a loss of 3 wickets in 29 overs; Sri Lanka scored 96 with no wickets remaining at the end of 24.4 overs. A target of 178 runs was given to Sri Lanka to chase as per Duckworth Lewis method.
  • India won by 81 runs (DuckworthLewis method)

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