NDA/NA Exam Solved Papers - 2012- I - Paper I: General Ability Test (Part-A)

NDA/NA Exam Solved Papers - 2012- I - Paper I: General Ability Test (Part-A)

Paper I : General Ability Test

Part A : English Language

Spotting Errors

Directions (Qs. 1 to 10) :

(i) In this section, a number of sentences are given. The sentences are underlined in three separate parts and each one is labelled A, B and C Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any underlined part. No sentence has more than one error. When you find an error in any one of the underlined parts A, B or C, indicate your response on the Answer Sheet at the appropriate space. You may feel that there is no error in a sentence. In that case, letter D will signify a ‘No error’ response.

(ii) Errors may be in grammar, word usage or idioms. There may be a word-missing or there may be a word which should be removed.

(iii) You are not required to correct the error. You are required only to indicate your response on the Answer Sheet.

1. (A) Let us/(B) bring this discussion/(C) to close./(D) No error

2. (A) Each of them/(B) have a different version/ (C) of the crime /(D) No error

3. (A) I and Gopal/(B) went to the meeting/(C) together./(D) No error

4. (A) Latin is not only hard to write/(B) but also/ (C) to read./(D) No error

5. (A) In most villages/(B) the roads are rough/ (C) isn’t it?/(D) No error

6. (A) Despite of continuing pain/(B) she worked at her temporary summer job/(C) most of the week./(D) No error

7. (A) As soon the film started/(B) I developed/(C) an irritating headache./(D) No error

8. (A) He applied for an employment/(B) in/(C) an office./(D) No error

9. (A) Though we drove fast the train left /(B) before we could reach/(C) the station./(D) No error

10. (A) One Indian virtue that has impressed me greatly/(B) and touched me deeply/(C) was the Indian people’s freedom of rancour./(D) No error.

Directions (Qs. 11 to 20) : Each of the following questions consists of a sentence followed by four words or groups of words. Select the synonym of the word or words (occurring in the sentence in capital letters) as per the context.

11. The convict’s INGENUOUS explanation brought tears in every eye.

(a) Candid
(b) Secret
(c) Insincere
(d) Consistent

12. The ENORMITY of the population problem is irksome.

A Intensity
B. Vastness
C. Cruelty
D. Fragility

13. EXAGGERATION of facts would always lead to confusion,

(a) Simplification
(b) Negation
(c) Emancipation
(d) Amplification

14. After his father’s death, he became INSOLVENT.

(a) Rich
(b) Poor
(c) Bankrupt
(d) Nonchalant

15. He INDUCES human beings to want things they don’t want.

(a) Intluences
(b) Dictates
(c) Persuades
(d) Appreciates

16. His information is not AUTHENTIC.

(a) Real
(b) Reliable
(c) Believable
(d) Genuine

17. He is not CUT OUT to be a teacher.

(a) Trained
(b) Suited
(c) Selected
(d) Guided

18. The Chief Minister REPRIMANDED the officers for their methods of handling the public.

(a) Adulated
(b) Scolded severely
(c) Disapproved of
(d) Suspended

19. Sin is the sole calamity that a wise man should APPREHEND.

(a) Give up
(b) Discourage
(c) Comprehend
(d) Fear

20. We must be proud of our cultural HERITAGE.

(a) Things we make for ourselves
(b) Things we have lost
(c) Things we have from the past
(d) Things we do for others

Directions (Qs. 21 to 30) : Each of the following items consists of a sentence followed by four words. Select the antonym of the word (occurring in the sentence ill capital letters) as per the context.

21. The COMPLAINANT was not supportive of providing all facts in the court.

(a) Defendant
(b) Advocate
(c) Indulgence
(d) Servant

22. Living in a SOLITARY place brings in some kind of satisfaction.

(a) Limited
(b) Exotic
(c) Healthy
(d) Populous

23. They spent a DISTURBED night after hearing the tragic news.

(a) Restless
(b) Sleepless
(c) Mournful
(d) Peaceful

24. We have CREATED a beautiful new house from out of the old ruin.

(a) Destroyed
(b) Built
(c) Constructed
(d) Planned

25. A large number of designer clothes are REVOLTING.

(a) Inviting
(b) Beautiful
(c) Fashionable
(d) Delightful

26. Though they are twins, they look very DIFFERENT.

(a) Regular
(b) Same
(c) Similar
(d) Uniform

27. RECESSION is a major cause of unemployment.

(a) Education
(b) Inflation
(c) Poverty
(d) Computerization

28. He finally CONCEDED that he was involved in smuggling.

(a) Admitted
(b) Accepted
(c) Denied
(d) Concealed

29. The accused emphatically DENIED the charge in the court.

(a) Accepted
(b) Agreed
(c) Asserted
(d) Affirmed

30. This cloth is a COARSE of touch.

(a) Delicate
(b) Rough
(c) Painful
(d) Harsh

Rearranging Parts of A Sentence
Directions (Qs. 31 to 40) : In the following sentences, parts of the sentences have been jumbled. You are required to rearrange these parts which are labelled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct ‘sentence. Choose the proper sequence and mark in- your Answer Sheet accordingly.

31. P : even when
Q : are well informed
R : people engaged in a conversation
S : their conversation may be dull
The correct sequence should be

(a) Q - S - P - R
(b) P - R - Q - S
(c) S - R - Q - P
(d) S - Q - R - P

32. P : a pressure cooker
Q : fits tightly on the top
R : consists of a very strong vessel
S : made of an aluminium alloy with a lid that
The correct sequence should be

(a) P - R - S - Q
(b) R – S – P - Q
(c) Q - S - P - R
(d) P - Q - S - R

33. P : is to convince your reader
Q : the aim of an argumentative essay
R : you have taken on a subject is right
S : that the position
The correct sequence should be

(a) S - Q - P - R
(b) R - Q - S - P
(c) P - Q - S - R
(d) Q - P - S - R

34. P : there is only one way
Q : the world can be
R : in which
S : made safe from the war
The correct sequence should be

(a) R - Q - S - P
(b) P - R - Q - S
(c) P-Q -S -R
(d) S-P-R-Q

35. P : the conspiracy
Q : got wind of
R : the Government
S : against the king’s life
The correct sequence should be

(a) P - Q -R-S
(b) R - Q -P-S
(c) P - S - Q -R
(d) S-P-Q-R

36. P : to death penalty is that
Q : in preventing the crime
R : the important objection
S : it has not succeeded
The correct sequence should be

(a) P - R - S - Q
(b) P - S - R - Q
(c) R - P - S - Q
(d) Q - S - P - R

37. P : choice carefully
Q : when you want to use
R : make your
S : a graphic representation for your data
The correct sequence should be

(a) Q - R - S - P
(b) S - R - Q - P
(c) P - R - Q - S
(d) Q - S - R - P

38. P : he would like to see some changes
Q : but as a junior lecturer
R : he does not cut much ice
S : in the curriculum
The correct sequence should be

(a) P - Q - R - S
(b) Q - P - S - R
(c) Q - R - P-S
(d) P-S-Q-R

39. P : he simply starves
Q : even when there are good crops
R : but if the crops fail
S : he lives from hand to mouth
The correct sequence should be

(a) S - Q - R - P
(b) P -Q - R - S
(c) S - R - Q - P
(d) S - P - Q - R

40. P : providence had helped me
Q : to retain my true identity and
R : changed the course of my life
S : in the process
The correct sequence should be

(a) P - S - Q - R
(b) P - Q - S - R
(c) R - S - Q - P
(d) P - R - Q - S


1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (d) 4. (c) 5. (c) 6. (a) 7. (a) 8. (a) 9. (d) 10. (c)
11. (a) 12. (b) 13. (d) 14. (c) 15. (c) 16. (d) 17. (b) 18. (c) 19. (b) 20. (c)
21. (a) 22. (d) 23. (d) 24. (a) 25. (a) 26. (c) 27. (b) 28. (c) 29. (a) 30. (a)
31. (b) 32. (a) 33. (d) 34. (b) 35. (b) 36. (c) 37. (d) 38. (d) 39. (a) 40. (b)

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