Would you like to get Print(Hard) Copy of Aspirants Times Magazine? (add comments if u like)

Yes, I can pay for it (Rs 80)
20% (133 votes)
Yes, but dont ask me for Courier Fees (Rs 50)
26% (176 votes)
No, I Cant Pay at all.
42% (279 votes)
No, its not needed
12% (81 votes)
Total votes: 669


hello sir i am ready to give 600 per annum with courier charges

ya i can agree with 50 rupees coast for aspirant magazine.

i'm ready to pay 80 rupees for the magazine but not the courier fee. as one fellow suggested before me, an annual fee of 600 including courier would be fine.

1.quality of portal magzine is good. 2.if the cost is less than and convinient it will be certainly preferred! 3.moreover it would be an assurance to the readers of the authentic material +honesty. 4.other ordinary ones like Comptition sucess review publish more adds than material these days....moreover SHUBHRA SUXENA has written in her blog of her fake interview being published in CSR! . .we don want such dishones pple!I would certainly encourage on starting the hard copy service. best wishes!

thanks for your suggestions. we will make sure Authentic Information is provided to UPSC aspirants. regards, moderator.

sir, 1> i am doing my b.tech in civil engg [2nd year]from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,BHUBANESWAR.can u help in selectung subjects as i dont want to take civil engg. as my optional and history......... 2>nd plz tell me also how to get hard copies.........

I think 50 rupees excluding Courier charges is a reasonable one.

yes I can pay for it

Soft copy can reach every corner of the world unlike the hard copy. People prepare for UPSC being in other countries too. So even if you come up with hard copy. Please retain the soft copy. Regards, Syed

thanks for your comment Syed. Soft Copy will continue as usual and will be free. lot of aspirants are still far from internet, and want magazine in print. so we thought of printing it for those. regards, moderator.