Important Topics For Public Administration IAS Mains Exam 2019

Important Topics For Public Administration IAS Mains Exam 2019

Public Administration is a popular optional in Civil Services because if you opt for Public Administration then you will get definitely cutting edge in General Studies Mains and Essay Paper.

The best way is to cover first of all your 100% syllabus then from Mains examination perspective you have to focus some of the important topics. Here we are giving you some of the important topics from the perspective of Mains Examination 2019.

  1. Death of New Public Management
  2. Citizen Charter
  3. Wilson, Weber, Riggs, Barnard, Follet , Simon,Fox and Miller (Thinkers)
  4. Evolution and Present Status of the Discipline
  5. Post Weberian Debate
  6. Post Modern Public Administration
  7. Decision Making Theory
  8. Regulatory Authorities
  9. Right to Information
  10. Women and Development
  11. Article 370 and 35A
  12. Politics and Administration Dichotomy
  13. Ministry of Finance
  14. Ministry of Home Affairs
  15. Role of Bureaucracy in Democracy and Development
  16. Motivation and Morale, Herzber and Maslow theories of Motivation
  17. Participative Management
  18. PPP Model
  19. Social Audit
  20. Departments, Corporations, Companies
  21. Failure of Civil Society
  22. Values and Corruption
  23. Administrative Law Chapter
  24. Corporate social responsibility in the PSUs
  25. Administrative Ethics
  26. Performance Appraisal
  27. Digital Era Governance
  28. Monetary and Fiscal policies
  29. Audit and Accounts
  30. Civil Services : Discipline and Code of Conduct
  31. Role of Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  32. Rural Development Programs
  33. Municipal Governance: Finance and Problem Areas
  34. Reforms in Police
  35. Public Accounts Committee/ Estimates Committee
  36. Anti-development Thesis
  37. Strong State versus Market Debate
  38. MIS, PERT & CPM
  39. Evolution of Indian Administration Chapter
  40. Problems of autonomy, accountability and control
  41. Cabinet Secretariat/Central Secretariat
  42. Prime Minister's Office
  43. Good governance in Arthashastra
  44. 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment
  45. Union-State administrative, legislative and financial relations- Implication of GST
  46. Chief Secretary/Cabinet Secretary
  47. Changing role of District Magistrate in Development and Law and order
  48. Role of President / Governor
  49. Police-public relations
  50. Disaster management


  1. The first two chapters hold almost 35% of the marks for paper I .
  2. Evolution of Indian Administration, Centre/state/district administration and significant issues in Indian administration- prepare all these chapter of Paper II thoroughly .
  3. Read book ‘Administrative Thinkers by Prasad and Prasad’ maximum number of times.
  4. If you have another available option then you can avoid question from the chapter - Public Policy .
  5. Always try to frame your answer from the key words of your question. ‘Thinking’ and ‘linking’ the whole syllabus/topics along with a proper sequence in any answer.
  6. Practice a lots of tests from anywhere you get.
  7. Identify the weak areas and focus accordingly.
  8. Make a note of the mistakes that you make in the tests or interactive session and try to rectify them.
  9. The examiner only expects you to write a simple logical answer with clarity.
  10. Do not give long introduction this may lead to loss of focus and attraction of the examiner. The first sentence should have direct bearing of the question or statement. This is the sentence which contains context and key words both with statement-giver.
  11. Before suggesting any cure take administrative feasibility test of your suggestion.
  12. Write answers like brilliant graduate and not like a confused philosopher.
  13. Use more quotes from thinkers to ‘certify’ your stand in the answer.
  14. Don’t write General Studies answers for Public Administration Paper 2. Write Answer like a Public Administration student.


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