Public Administration Papers Topic : Administrative Law

Public Administration Papers Topic :  Administrative Law

  • "Delegated legislation is a necessary evil." Examine. (20 marks 2007) 
  • Delegated legislation is not absolute. Explain. (20 marks 2004)
  • "Today the content of administrative law is driven primarily by the scope of public administrative activity." Explain. (60 marks 2006)
  • "Today the content of administrative law is driven primarily by the scope of public administration activity." Explain. (60 marks 2005)
  • Do you think that there is an unresolved and often overlooked tension in Dicey's concept of rule of law, considering that the other principle of parliamentary sovereignty in English constitutional system runs counter to it ? (20 marks 2012)
  • Make a critical assessment of Dicey's understanding of the Rule of law and Droit Administratif. (15 marks 2011)
  • Make out a case for Delegated legislation. (15 marks 2011)
  • Would you agree that the strong Rechsstaat version of the rule of law found on the Continent never existed in England because of its particular history ? (20 marks 2012)
  • Why is Ie droit administratif regarded alongside the Napoleonic Code as the most notable achievement of French legal science ? (20 marks 2012)
  • Discuss the views that “tribunals should have the same degree of independence from the Executive as that enjoyed by the supreme court and high courts, especially for those tribunals that look over the functions of high courts. (10 marks 2013)
  • “The conceptual division between administrative and constitutional law is quite porous, and that along many dimensions, administrative law can be considered more constitutional in character than the constitutions.” How would you justify the statement? (10 marks, 2014)
  • “Delegated Legislation is a necessary evil.” Comment. (10 marks, 2015)
  • “Legislative action is not subject to the rules of natural justice.” Explain the exceptions to the rule of natural justice. (15 marks, 2015)
  • “The central concern of Administrative Law has been the legal limitation of administrative discretion.” Give reasons. . (15 marks, 2016)
  • “Administrative Law is recognized by its substance rather than its form .” Discuss(10 marks, 2017)
  • The principle of delegated legislation is, I think right, but I was emphasise that it is well for Parliament to keep a watchful and even zealous eye on it at all stages “- (Herbert Morrison ) Analyze. (15 marks, 2017)
  • "The Journey of Administrative Law has moved much beyond A. V. Dicey.” Comment. (10 marks, 2018)
  • “Delegated legislation has become a strategic tool in the hands of the executive despite its utility.” Comment. (10 Marks,2019) 
  • “Red light and Green light theories provide contrasting approaches to the role of administrative law.” Which of the two theories will be effective in achieving the objectives of administration law? Justify your choice. (15 Marks,2019) 
  • "Arbitrariness in the application of rule of law is a primary cause of poor governance." Discuss.(10 Marks,2020) 
  • "Developments in the field of Administrative Law reflect an increasingly blurred boundary between the state and society, and between justice and administration." Has administrative law become more constitutional than the Constitution itself? Argue (20 Marks,2020)


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