Public Administration Papers Topic : Administrative Reforms  Since Independence

Public Administration Papers Topic : Administrative Reforms  Since Independence

  • In your view , which have been the five most important administrative reforms implemented after Independence? What has been their impact ? (30 marks 2009)
  • All efforts in the field of reforms in public administration by the political executive have resulted in no significant output." Comment.(20 marks 2006)
  • "Efforts made towards administrative reforms so far have been lacking in a congruence between strategy, structure and substance." Comment.(20 marks 2005)
  • "In spite of valuable suggestions through Administrative Reforms, still we have not been able to come up to the expectations of the people." Discuss. (30 marks 2004)
  • Briefly discuss the recommendations of any two following: (30 marks 2009) 
  1. Paul Appleby (1953 and 1956), 
  2. Santhanam Committee, 
  3.  Hota Committee, 
  4.   Sixth Pay Commission 
  • "The recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission on reforming the Civil Service are radical yet implementable." Do you agree ? (30 marks 2009)
  • The National Commission to review the working of the Constitution has suggested revolutionary changes in administrative culture.' Analyse its major recommendations on Civil Services and Administration. (60 marks 2007)
  • Describe the changing character and new orientations of Public Services in India since Independence.  (60 marks 2008)
  • With reference to India, discuss the assertion that administrative reforms are multi dimensional and need to be substantiated by reforms in other related areas of state action. (30 marks 2010)
  • The Second Administrative Reforms Commission, in its 10th Report, observes that "the common perception is that the incentive structure in government is too weak and inadequate to motivate better performance." Elucidate.  (30 marks 2010)
  • Discuss the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission in respect of the National Development Council for improving Centre- State planning relations. (20 marks 2012)
  • “Excellent ideas but poor implementation have characterised the administrative reforms in India since Independence.” Critically examine the statement giving examples from the Union and State Governments. (20 marks 2015)
  • What are the major concerns of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission on Civil Service reforms? Indicate the current status of their implementation. (10 marks 2015)
  • “The Second Administrative Reform Commission (ARC) makes a strong case for the principle of subsidiary .”Elaborate (10 marks 2017)
  • “The recommendations of various commissions on administrative reforms have not made a radical departure from the Paul Appleby Report.” Do you agree ? Give reasons. (20 marks 2018)
  • Considerable attention has been paid to the restructuring of the administrative systems at the Central and local levels, but very few reforms have been undertaken at the State level. What steps would you suggest to rectify it? (20 Marks 2019)


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