Public Administration Papers Topic : Law and Order Administration

Public Administration Papers Topic : Urban Local Government

  • “Law and order problems of the twenty-first century cannot be tackled through legislation and structures of the nineteenth century.” Give suggestions for transforming the law and order machinery at the State level. (30 marks 2009)
  • “The role played by Central and State Governments in maintaining law and order is inadequate and unmatched to growing criminalization.” Comment. (20 marks 2005)
  • “Criminalisation of politics has been responsible for the problems related to law and order in our nation.” Comment.(20 marks 2004)
  • “Criminalization of politics in India has been extended to politicization of criminals.” Comment. (30 marks 2003)
  • “Community policing has become a victim of elite capture.” Discuss the Concept of community policing and Bring out the implications of the above statement. (30 marks 2011)
  • “Even though law and order administration is a State subject in the Indian Constitution, it is paradoxical that the para -military and other kinds of security forces under the Union Government has grown in recent years.” Critically analyse the statement. (20 marks 2012)
  • Compare and contrast the Padmanabhaiah, Ribeiro and Mallinath Committee Reports. (25 marks 2012)
  • “Laws are enacted without involving the police in the conception stage, with the result of implementation of these laws leaves much to be desired.” Examine the role of police in the protection of children. (In about 250 words)(20 marks 2013)
  • “The design of the Indian Polices was to subjugate the Indian People in the aftermath of 1857.” Analyse in the context of the Indian Police Act of 1861.(20 marks 2013)
  • “There is both criminalization of politics and politicization of criminals in India.” Examine and identify the challenges they cause for law and order administration. (In about 250 words)(20 marks 2013)
  • Critically examine the statement: ‘Thana’ (Police Station) as the last bastion of the waning British administrative legacy of India. (10 marks 2014)
  • “Police-Public relations are a story of insincere efforts made on both sides.” Elaborate(10 marks 2014)
  • Do you think that the Central paramilitary police forces have proven more effective than the State police service? Give your answer objectively in a critical vein. (10 marks 2014)
  • Critically examine the concept of community policing as a tool for improving public-police relations.(10 marks 2015)
  • Discuss the significance and role of the Central Paramilitary Forces in maintaining law and order and countering insurgency as well as terrorism. (20 marks 2015)
  • Discuss critically the salient features of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) regarding its purposes and jurisdiction. (20 marks 2015)
  • “Police reforms in India have remained a contentious issue.” Critically analyse. (10 marks 2016)
  • In view of the contemporary internal scenario should “law and order” be made a part of the Concurrent List of the Constitution of India? Justify your opinion. (20 marks 2017)
  • The image of Indian Police can be improved if its structure and orientations are transformed radically.” Do you agree? Elaborate(10 marks 2017)
  • "The AFSPA debate reveals that the Indian paramilitary forces are caught between the imperatives of national security and protection of human rights.” Discuss. (10 marks 2018)
  • “Institutional change is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for reducing criminalisation of politics." Examine. (20 marks 2018)
  • The police-public interface is punctuated with distrust and fear. Suggest how the police can reform its image in the eyes of the public. (10 Marks 2019)
  • Even though the law and order administration is a State subject, it is paradoxical that the Central agencies- NIA or paramilitary forces under the Union Government-have restricted the powers of State Governments. Discuss. (20 Marks 2019)
  • There has been a long-standing demand for separation of police investigation from prosecution. Analyze its merits and demerits.(10 Marks 2020)
  • Police needs to be made accountable and freed from the grip of politics. It is a big challenge not only for law and order but also for the development of the country. Critically examine.(20 Marks 2020)


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