Public Administration Papers Topic : Organizations

Public Administration Papers Topic :  Organizations

  • ‘The essence of the contingency theory paradigm is that organizational effectiveness results from fitting characteristics of the organization, such as its structure, to contingencies that reflect the situation of the organization.'Give your reactions to this statement’. (20 marks 2012)
  • In the light of your discussion on 3(b) (i) above, also show where and how this 'fitting' differs essentially from the 'coping' with 'stress' from the environment emphasized by the systems theory of organization. (20 marks 2012)
  • "There is no doubt the departmentalisation is fraught with complexities. These are in part technical, in part political." Discuss. (20 marks 2009)
  • "To claim that a company or a corporation form is always more effective than a departmental form of organization is an outdated view. The real test of a sound structure is its capacity to balance decisional autonomy and operational flexibility with optimal accountability." Critically examine this statement. (60 marks 2008)
  • Explain the impact of privatisation on public administration with special reference to (60 marks 2010) (a) the issue of user fees. (b) public - private partnership. (c) outsourcing technique.
  • "The distinction between line and staff relative rather than absolute." Discuss.   (20 marks 2007)
  • “To talk about the regulatory framework is to talk about short governance.” Analyze the statement in the context of public private partnership and identify the elements of regulation.(15 marks, 2013)
  • “Delegation to independent agencies has taken place in an interdependent process driven by emulation.” Discuss in the context of independent regulatory agencies in the modern regulatory State. (15 marks, 2014)
  • “PPPs serve too many parties and too many interests … to be focussed.” Identify in the context of the statement, the parties involved in Public-Private Partnerships and their conflicting aims. (15  marks, 2015)
  • “The autonomy of Public Corporations raised a great debate about their internal working and external relation with the Ministers and the Parliament.”(10 marks, 2016)
  • “If the Regulatory Commissions…..are wholly independent, they are completely irresponsible for the doing of very important policy determining and Administrative work ….. on the other hand, to rob the commissions of their independence is seriously to menace the impartial performance of their judicial work.” (Cushman) Examine. (20 marks, 2016)
  • ”Systems Theory” in essence  is not a theory , but an approach to the study of administrative phenomena .” Comment (15 marks, 2017)
  • Discuss the essential characteristics of public sector-centred and market-centred perspectives in Public Private Partnerships and also compare the two. (15 marks, 2018)
  • "An effective Management Information System (MIS) is the key to successful headquarter-field relationships."Comment. (15 marks, 2018)
  • “Form of an organisation influences the success of a public enterprise, but the choice of a form has always remained problematic." Discuss the statement in the context of the comparative merits and limitations of departments, corporations, companies and boards. Give illustrations. (20 marks, 2018)
  • “The advent of the regulatory regimes indicates the demise of the arbitrator state.” Comment. (15 Marks ,2019)
  • Contingency theory of organization is founded on the interplay of ‘external fit’ and ‘internal fit’. Discuss. (20 Marks,2019)
  • Departments, Boards and Commissions as forms of organization are dissimilar in the context of accountability and responsibility." Analyse. (10 Marks,2020)


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