Public Administration Papers Topic : Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government

Public Administration Papers Topic : Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government

  • “Values of Indian administration must be rooted in the preamble of the Indian Constitution.” Discuss.(30 marks 2009)
  • “Over-dependence on bureaucracy for bringing about socio-economic development in India has proved to be dysfunctional.”  (20 marks 2011)
  • Explain with appropriate illustrations the interface between political culture bureaucratic in contemporary India. (20 marks 2011)
  • “The liberal-democratic ideology of the West influenced the shaping of value premises of the India Constitution.” Discuss. (20 marks 2013)
  • Discuss the value of premises of Constitutionalism in India which the bureaucracy cannot violate. (10 marks 2014)
  • “Beneath the soft outer shell of democratic administrative framework lines unscathed the steel frame of Indian administration which has survived through the ages.” In the light of this statement, examine the relationship between bureaucracy and development in the last one decade. (10 marks 2014)
  • “Democracy within bureaucracy is likely to reduce its effectiveness.” Do you agree with this view? Argue your case. (10 marks 2014)
  • ‘Minimum government, maximum governance’ is not just a slogan but a philosophy of administration with enormous potentialities.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. (10 marks 2015)
  • To what extent has political culture influenced the administrative culture of India? Explain. (20 marks 2015)
  • Briefly discuss the main recommendations of the Punchhi Commission (2010) on Centre-State relations for transforming Indian Federal System. (20 marks 2015)
  • As Dr. B. R. Ambedkar observed, “the text of the Constitution can provide the organs of the State, but the final outcome of the governance process depends on how it has operationalized by the political parties and people”. Elucidate the statement. (10 marks 2015)
  • Do you think that some of the ideals enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution remain only on paper even today? Critically evaluate. (10 marks 2016)
  • Examine the efficacy of the measures taken to redefine and execute cooperative federalism in India. (10 marks 2016)
  • “Constitutionalism is the foundation of the administrative edifice e in India.” Discuss (10 marks 2017)
  • “The market reforms have not infringed the basic structure of the Constitution of India, but have largely comprised the realization of the ideals of social and economic justice.” Comment (20 marks 2017)
  • “Bureaucracy has to make a balance the need for environmental sustainability and developmental imperatives .” Discuss(20 marks 2017)
  • The philosophy of the Westminster model is at odds with the political culture of India.” Critically analyse. (10 marks 2018)
  • The economic reforms have significantly infringed the basic values and spirits of the Indian Constitution. Examine. (10 Marks 2019)
  • Macaulay’s ideas on Indian Civil Service Corresponded to the elite theory of bureaucracy, which continue to persist. Do you agree? Justify. (10 Marks 2019)
  • There is a constant and continuous collision between bureaucratic values and democratic values which adversely affects development. Do you agree? Elaborate.(10 Marks 2020)
  • The structural part of the Constitution of India is to a large extent derived from the Government of India Act, 1935, whereas its philosophical part has many other sources. Discuss the sources of the philosophical part.(20 Marks 2020)


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