Public Administration Papers Topic : Public Sector Undertakings

Public Administration Papers Topic : Public Sector Undertakings

  • "The size of the leviathan goes on expanding,  despite the country's recent commitment to downsizing or rightsizing." Comment. (20 marks 2003)
  • "The steady expansion and the gradual decline of the public sector has been one of the most conspicuous developments in post- Independence India." Discuss this statement  and suggest measures to arrest the decline  of the public sector in India. (60 marks 2003)
  • "Memorandum of understanding scheme' between government and public enterprise has forced public undertakings to improve the overall performance." Comment. (20 marks 2007)
  • "In the context of liberalisation the role of Public Sector and its welfarist approach is being drastically changed." Elucidate. (30 marks 2004)
  • Is it correct to state that "one of the major reasons for the failure of many public sector undertakings was due to departures from the original concept of autonomy" ?  (20 marks 2010)
  • "The blame for our poor public sector performance can be laid on the way our bureaucracy is structured." Comment. (20 marks 2007)
  • Can the holding company's structure act as an institutional change to efficiency? Give your answer illustrations. (30 marks 2011)
  • "'Memorandum of Understanding' scheme between the Government and Public enterprises has forced public undertakings to improve their overall performance." Do you agree with this statement ? (10 marks 2012)
  • “Autonomy to public sector understating is a myth.” Analysis in the context of the use of government expenditure by politicians who control government at different levels. (In about 150 words).(10 marks 2013)
  • Despite the adoption of decentralized planning, participatory initiatives remain marginalized and divisive in many regions. Discuss. (10 marks 2014)
  • “Public Sector Undertakings must learn to survive and be entrepreneurial without assured government budgetary support.” In the light of this statement give your suggestions for strengthening their autonomy and reviving the health of sick Public Sector Undertakings. (20 marks 2014)
  • Explain fully how a balance can be struck between autonomy and accountability of India’s public enterprises.(20 marks 2015)
  • Argue the case for and against creating Indian Public Enterprises and Industrial Service for boosting the moribund public sector in India .(10 marks 2015)
  • Evaluate the performance and efficacy of the Maharatna, navratna and Miniratna type of Public Sector Undertakings in the context of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG). (10 marks 2016)
  • “The growing prominence of NGOs in development areas is strongly related to the declining legitimacy of the State.” Explain.(10 marks 2016)
  • “Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India face tough competition from the private enterprises and Multinational Corporations (MNCs) . “ Explain(10 marks 2017)
  • “Contracting out tasks without effective accountability mechanisms can be counter-productive for effective service delivery." Comment. (10 marks 2018)
  • "The market-driven profitability concerns have shaken the foundation of the public sector undertakings.” Do you agree? Give reasons. (20 marks 2018)
  • Public Sector Undertaking was expected to take the Indian economy to the “commanding heights” instead of successive governments pushing for disinvestment. Critically examine how the scenario has changed over the years. (20 Marks 2019)
  • Does the privatization of key public sector bodies augur well for welfarisin in India? Discuss with suitable illustrations (20 Marks 2020)


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