Public Administration Papers Topic : State Government and Administration

Public Administration Papers Topic : State Government and Administration

  • What are the tension areas in Union-State relations in Planning ? (30 marks 2008)
  • There is a separate Central Ministry or Department on each subject allocated to the State List. Does it mean supremacy of the Union Government or an emphasis on development administration ? Analyse. (60 marks 2007)
  • "The main problem of Centre-State relations  in India is bottlenecks in fiscal federalism." Comment.(60 marks 2006)
  • "One of the greatest weaknesses inherent in a  Federal polity is the possibility of conflict of loyalty and responsibility on the part of public servants as between Central and State Governments." - 8aborate and comment.(60 marks 2004)
  • "Because of several judicial pronouncements, Governors in States are no longer viewed as agents of the 'Party in Power' at the Central level." Evaluate. (20 marks 2007)
  • "The position of Governors towards exercising their discretion and powers has considerably changed after 1967." Discuss.(60 marks 2004)
  • "Article 163 makes the Governor the sole judge in matters in which he is required to act in his discretion." Explain. (30 marks 20003)
  • 'The Chief Minister is the real executive of the State, whose effectiveness is largely related to his personality traits and equation with central leadership.' Explain and illustrate with relevant examples. (60 marks 2008)
  • "The Chief' Minister symbolizes ruling power structure and is the real executive head of the State Government." Discuss the above statement in the light of his position in a Coalition Government. (60 marks 2005)
  • "The highly significant and elevated position of Chief Secretary is significantly undermined in practice today." Comment.(20 marks 2004)
  • "The dispute between Secretariat and Directorate is the result of Generalist Vs Specialist controversy." Analyse. (60 marks 2007)
  • States with a record of good governance, it is argued by spokesperson of some states, lost their earlier share from the Finance Commission's award. Comment. (20 marks 2010)
  • 'The authority of the Governor in the discretionary field is not unrestrained. If it is misused ... the President can check him / her and if necessary, he may even remove the Governor: Examine this statement critically in the context of the Office of the Governor. , (25 marks 2012)
  • "The success and prestige enjoyed by a Chief Secretary depend, to a large extent, upon his equations with the varied sets of people and institutions that form the work environment." Critically evaluate the statement and its relevance to the role the Chief Secretary in the discharge of his functions.(30 marks 2012)
  • “The Finance Commission in India performs the job of statics aggregation.” Comment.(10 marks 2013)
  • Is there a need to dispense with the office of the Governor? Examine the context of coalition governments. (10 marks 2013)
  • “There is a tendency of centralism in Indian federalism, but it is not because of its institutional framework but because of its socialist goals and centrally devised plan development.” Explain the statement in the context of Union-State relationship. (In about 250 words) (20 marks 2013)
  • “The Centre – State relations have acquired new dimensions in recent times due to several political parties being in power at the Centre and the States.” (Second Administrative Reforms Commission)] Do you agree? Give reasons to support your arguments. (10 marks 2014)
  • “The gubernatorial position of the Governor is comfortably placed in the fuzzy area between ‘Withdrawal of pleasure of the President’ and ‘Compelling reasons for removal’. “Discuss with some recent examples. (20 marks 2014)
  • “In very recent times, the role of the State Governor is found to be more of diplomatic than administrative nature.” Comment on the statement with suitable examples. (20 marks 2015)
  • “Introduction of G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax) no doubt has economic benefits, but tends to compromise the States’ ” IN this context, comment on the changing nature of Union-State financial relations. (20 marks 2016)
  • “Legislatures have become a place for infighting rather than for proper policy making.” Comment in the context of the working of State Governments.(10 marks 2016)
  • “The position of council of ministers  in a state is reduced to that of a body of secretaries in the presence of a domineering of  chief minister.” Critically analyse with examples (20 marks 2017)
  • “The chief secretary is often termed as the alter ego of the Chief Minister.” Discuss, with examples, the dynamics of their relationship in State administration.(20 marks 2017)
  • “Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) has led to a paradigm shift in the Centre-State relations , both financially and politically .”Analyze with examples (20 marks 2017)
  • Critically examine the criteria adopted by the 15th Finance Commission for allocation of resources to States. What have been the major issues of contention since the 10th Finance Commission? (20 marks 2018)
  • “In the coalition era with the elusive majority of a single party in the State Legislature, the role of the Governor becomes even more challenging." Discuss. (20 marks 2018)
  • Various commissions have reiterated the crucial role of the Governor in Indian system of governance, but the successive governments have not heeded to make the Governor's office apolitical. Examine with example. (10 Marks 2019)
  • Article 356 acts, “very much like the proverbial bolt from the blue…. without giving an opportunity or notices to the State Government to correct its alleged shortcoming”. This phenomenon not only undermines the autonomy of the State Government, but also demeans the statue of the President of India. Critically analyze. (20 Marks 2019)
  • Efforts to strengthen State Finance Commissions have faced apathy of State Governments over the years, which has also affected the successive Central Finance Commissions in recommending appropriate fiscal transfers to local bodies. Substantiate the answer with example. (20 Marks 2019)
  • Even if all the States combine together, they cannot have their way decision-making in the GST Council, unless the Union agrees to it. Analyse this in the perspective of federalism in India. (10 Marks 2020)
  • The Speaker of the State Assembly has assumed a significant role in formations and dissolutions of government. Examine under the circumstances of coalition governments with examples.(20 Marks 2020)


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