Public Administration Papers Topic : Techniques of Administrative Improvement

Public Administration Papers Topic : Techniques of  Administrative Improvement

  • Bring out the various techniques of 0 & M adopted in India to improve efficiency in administration. (60 marks 2007).
  • Examine the needs and facets of administrative reforms in the fast changing scenario of the 21st century. What are the obstacles to administrative reforms ? Give suggestions to overcome them. (60 marks 2003)
  • In what ways and how can information technology play a crucial role in effective government - citizen interaction in the context of good governance? (60 marks 2005)
  • What is Information Technology? Describe its impact on Public Administration.  (60 marks 2004)
  • "Organisations today seem to invest in information and information systems, but their investments often do not seem to make sense." Comment. (20 marks 2003)
  • 'The apparent demise of e - Government and e-Business as the main organizing principles of society has created the conditions-for the rise of e - Governance from the ashes' .... In the context of the above statement show the distinctions between e - Government and e - Governance. (15 marks 2012)
  • A system of Information ties planning and control by managers to the operational system of implementation. Elaborate. (15 marks 2011)
  • E-governance is the final arrival of Max Weber's 'iron cage of rationality '. Discuss.  (20 marks 2011) Q.4 Do you think that there is a sort of paradox between e-Governance and good governance? Explain fully.  (20 marks 2010)
  •  "e-governance has the potential to emerge as the most effective instrument of efficiency, transparency and accountability." Comment.  (20 marks 2008)
  • What are the main functions of an O and M office?  (15 marks 2011)
  • 'Relations are the building blocks of network analysis' .... In the light of this statement summarize the form and content of relations in 'network analysis '. (15 marks 2012)
  • Trace the background and development of PERT and enumerate the steps involved in the application of PERT. (15 marks 2012)
  • Draw a simple PERT chart for a seminar planning project.  (15 marks 2012)
  • "Techniques like PERT and CPM help in effective office management." Elaborate. (20 marks 2009)
  • The success of e-government projects in most developing countries is state to be rather low. Assess the reason. (10 marks 2013)
  • “The bottom line for governance is outcomes rather than the outputs of government.” Analyze in the context of e-government and e-governance. (10 marks 2014)
  • “The field of MIS is not necessarily an extension of computer science, but of management of organization theory.” Elucidate. (15 marks 2014)
  • “Comparative Performance Measurement (CPM) bridges everyday work experience with the broader horizons of comparativism.”Explain.(10 marks 2015)
  • “E-Governance creates a direct relationship between the Citizen and the State.” In this context, explain the changing role of the elected representatives. (15 marks 2015)
  • MIS, PERT and CPM have accelerated the process of reinventing 0 & M.” In the context of the above statement, explain the recent developments in managerial techniques.(15 marks 2015)
  • “Information Technology brings efficiency and transparency to Public Administration.”Examine the statement with suitable examples(15 marks 2016)
  • “The term ‘work study’ may be used in narrower and wider senses.” Elucidate. (15 marks 2016)
  • “Digitalization provides great impetus to E-governance .” Discuss(10 marks 2017)
  • To what extent has e-governance made the administrative system more citizen-oriented ? Can it (e- governance) be made more participative ?(10 marks, 2018)
  • A narrow view of information comes in the way of successful implementation of MIS in organization. Analyze. (10 Marks, 2019)
  • Has e-governance led to debureaucratization and decentralization ? Assess its impact on bureaucratic inertia. (10 Marks, 2019)
  • In the era of increasing stress on productivity work study provides the road ahead for the administration. Identify the positive attributes of work study in the light of the statement. (15 Marks, 2019)


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