Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 3)

Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-3)


Q3(a) “Globalization has constructed the administrative state to save and serve corporate power structure.” Discuss how transnational corporation impact government and public administration in the contemporary era. 20 Marks

ANSWER: The end of the century and beginning of the new millennium has been characterized by a tight competition between the forces and the conventional methods of social organization (state, nation) and the new appearances (integration, internationalization, globalization), so that, in the international system that configures, some concepts seem to impose, by their frequency: integration, globalization, major concepts, considered by some as a way of reshaping the world, while others are unpredictable sources of trouble.

The state as the traditional major factor in international relations, is in competition with a variety of economical, political, cultural forces in a new formula called governance. A global civilization seems to be the solution towards is heading the society in which we live. Globalization is forcing the states to restructure their national economies, to interconnect with the global economic flows, making them also more vulnerable to the developments in the global economy and to the oscillations of the flows in the world economy. The new ways of economic management of the states, the various competitions between the states competences, plus a number of specific local factors (such as secessionist trends) facilitate a fragmentation of the society. The nation-state ceases to be an effective economic manager.

Although the states continue to be the main actors in international business they already suffer losses of sovereignty, functions, power. Many international institutions take over from the states prerogatives, in almost all cases with their consent and they have the right to judge and to coerce what the states make on their own territory even to exercise jurisdiction and control over national issues. This way, nation-states receive a double blow, on the one hand from the international institutions becoming stronger and more influential, which make a dent in the control over their economies, judicial system, etc. and make them more and more unable to maintain their national character and their cultural homogeneity, and on the other hand, the global market and the globalization mechanisms

(b) “Red light and Green light theories provide contrasting approaches to the role of administrative law.” Which of the two theories will be effective in achieving the objectives of administration law? Justify your choice. 15 Marks


(c) “The advent of the regulatory regimes indicates the demise of the arbitrator state.” Comment. 15 Marks


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