Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 2)

Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-2)


Q2.(a) The movement towards governance as an organizing concept for public administration and management is because the focus of administration has been shifting from the bureaucratic state to the 'hollow state' and 'third-party government. Critically examine.


(b) "Organizations of the future will be organic-adaptive structures but temporary systems." Discuss how Warren Bennis characterises the new form of organization.


(c) "Productivity is not the result of working conditions but the result of the emotional response of workers to work performed." Are Elton Mayo's findings relevant in contemporary organizations?

ANSWER: Elton Mayo study was to find out how payment incentives would affect productivity, the surprising result was that productivity actually decreased. Workers apparently had become suspicious that their productivity may have been boosted to justify firing some of the workers later on. The study was conducted by Elton Mayo and W. Lloyd Warner between 1931 and 1932 on a group of fourteen men who put together telephone switching equipment. The researchers found that although the workers were paid according to individual productivity, productivity decreased because the men were afraid that the company would lower the base rate. Detailed observation of the men revealed the existence of informal groups or "cliques" within the formal groups. These cliques developed informal rules of behaviour as well as mechanisms to enforce them. The cliques served to control group members and to manage bosses; when bosses asked questions, clique members gave the same responses, even if they were untrue. These results show that workers were more responsive to the social force of their peer groups than to the control and incentives of management.

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