Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 8)

Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-8)


Q8.(a)"Disruptive nature of developments in Information Technology has changed the contours of e-governance in the last one decade." Analyse.

Governance may be defined as the way society works and is organized. The term Digital Governance or, E-governance or Electronic or Electronic Governance refers to a governance process es    in    which    Information     and C o mmun i ca ti o n s Tech n o logy (IC T) p la y a significant role. The role played by ICT could be wide-ranging: in delivery and standards of governance services, to how people access such services, and the participation of people in the governance sphere.

The role of ICT in the Governance Sphere could be 4-fold : (a) Improve the quality of governance products and services being currently provided. (b) Provide new governance services and products,(c) Enhance the participation of people in the choice and provision of governance products and services, and (d) Bring new sections of society under the governance sphere (including those who is most likeable to remain excluded – namely  the  poor,  the  illiterate ,  the differently-abled, indigenous people, the migrants and displaced people).
Some facts on the role of information technology in e-governance are: (a) Access to information forms the basis of decision-making (which could be for public good or private gains). (b) Well-informed    decision -maki ng  is dependent on the quality and timeliness of the information available, and (c) Limiting access to information to an exclusive group open up avenues for manipulation of information for exploitative purposes, such as private gains.

(b) "Performance Management Framework enables a clear line of sight between planning, measuring and monitoring performance." Critically analyse.


(c) "Objectives of performance budgeting include improving expenditure prioritization, effectiveness and efficiency." Has performance budgeting worked effectively in governmental system? Argue.


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