Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper-2 (Question: 2)

Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper Question Paper-2 (Question-2)

Section A

  • Exam Name: UPSC IAS Mains Public Administration (Paper-II)
  • Marks: 250
  • Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Q2.(a) District administration is the most important unit in governance. Most of the Central and State Government schemes and programmes are directed towards the district administration. In this context, discuss the challenges and problems posed to the district administration.


(b) The structural part of the Constitution of India is to a large extent derived from the Government of India Act, 1935, whereas its philosophical part has many other sources. Discuss the sources of the philosophical part.

Like  other  Constitutions, the  Indian Constitution also commences with a preamble, which reflects the aspirations and expectations of the people of India. Notably, the Indian Constitution has set up parliamentary democracy of the type established by the Federal Constitutions of Canada and A u s tr al ia . Nevertheless, this idealized notion, forming part of the motto of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” of the French Revolution has special relevance for a multi-racial and polity- a religious country like India. It would be clear from the foregoing description that the preamble of the Indian Constitution provides a framework of ideas and values for the Indian administration. Since the responsibility of enforcing the Constitution is that of the government,  it is expected of the administrative system, which is an integral component of the executive branch of government, to facilitate the application of the ideals of liberty, equality, justice, socialism and secularism in the governance of the country. Not only need governmental laws and politics reflect these interrelated ideas, but the functioning of the administrative system, including the attitudinal orientations and behaviour of administrators, should manifest these ideals and values. In an ideal-typical situation, the nature and performance of the administrative system would be judged in the context of the values forming its context. Nevertheless, any such appraisal will have to be realistic enough, taking into account the limitations imposed by a complex and volatile environment affecting administration.

(c) The public services in India are an evolution of the British Raj. Trace the Indianization of the services.


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