Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper-2 (Question: 8)

Public Administration Mains 2020 : Solved Paper Question Paper-2 (Question-8)

Section A

  • Exam Name: UPSC IAS Mains Public Administration (Paper-II)
  • Marks: 250
  • Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Q8.(a) "There are adequate legal mechanisms to address corruption malpractices in administration, but they have failed to curb the menace to any noticeable degree." In the light of this statement, discuss the efficacy the institution of Lokayukta in Indian States. (Paid)


(b) Despite the constitutional provisions for representation, the voice weaker of sections is not having the desired impact in the realms of Panchayati Raj Institutions. Critically examine. (Free)

It is widely believed that the analysis of age, education, Caste, family structure, occupation, income, land holding, party affiliation, etc., are important in determining the nature of leadership. The socio-economic, educational and political background of the leaders would also enable us to anticipate as to what they are capable of doing, what we should expect from them and how well they are equipped to discharge the responsibilities developed upon them by the electorate. In this direction the Government of India made efforts to solve problems such as poverty, ill health, illiteracy, and backwardness of varied nature prevailing in rural areas, by giving grater attention to the uplift of the rural poor. Due to the illiteracy and ignorance of weaker section’s representatives, several welfare policies intended for the welfare of SC’s, ST’s and OBC’s are not implementing properly in the institutions of Panchayati Raj and suggest for effective implementation of these policies for the welfare of weaker sections and bring them to the main stream as well as equal opportunity as stipulated in the Indian Constitution. 

(c) Ideally citizen-administration interface is supposed to be based on trustworthiness and purposefulness, in reality it is observed to be plagued by suspicion, conflicts, stresses and strains. Do you agree? Elaborate.(Paid)


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