Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 2)

Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-2)


Q2.(a) Behavioural approach has been questioned on the basis of its utility in the analysis of administrative problems. Discuss the weaknesses of the  approach and the shifts made therein. (Administrative Behaviour)


(b) Public administration has been viewed as a socially embedded process of collective relationship, dialogue and action. Examine the statement in light of the consensus achieved in the Third Minnowbrook Conference. (Introduction)

Globalization brought the world closer together. The number of people conducting comparative public administration research has expanded as a result of the need for more studies on international organisations. To comprehend the globalisation perspective, a request for research funds in comparative public administration was made. They reinvented public administration as a socially rooted process of collaborative connections, discourse, and action aimed at promoting human flourishing for all. This means it is anti-individualistic and works in conjunction with others to foster a healthy, growing relationship for everyone. Some questioned how the discipline would identify conflicting parameters and whether or not 'critical consciousness' should be included in this reformulation of public management. Public administration must conduct studies and do research on the public administration of various countries to arrive at useful conclusions as no country’s public administration system can be studied in isolation because of the emergence of liberalization, privatization, globalization and IT. The notion that governance in a country was the responsibility of the government changed from being a hierarchal structure to a more networked form of government. Technology changed the old public administration to government because of its ways to perform the change. 

(c) Public-private partnership phenomenon has been transformed into a type of governance scheme or mechanism. Discuss its capacity to overcome future challenges. (Organisations)


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