Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 3)

Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-3)


Q3.(a) Integration of different streams of administrative thought to propound a universal administrative theory is hindered by the impact of culture. Critically examine.(Administrative Thought)


(b) Judicial review, prevention of misuse or abuse of administrative power and provision of suitable remedies are the basic principles of administrative law. Justify as how various organs of the State are able to uphold these principles.(Administrative Law)

Judicial review is the main power in the judiciary's hand that can keep up with law and order in the country. The force of the judiciary to watch out for the governing bodies and regulatory exercises, how they play out their obligations, whether or not the working of every circle is reliable in nature, and assuming the freedoms conceded to an individual are revoked, the upper power, i.e., judiciary, will audit them. Judicial review to audit and decide the legitimacy of the law or request can be characterized as the force of legal survey.

It's a tenet where leaders and governing bodies are dependent upon reexamination or review. The Judicial review has a definitive ability to assume the part of a guard dog of the governing body and the chief. whenever an unfair demonstration is done due to optional power by any administrative body, the Judicial can review it and guarantee that the essential privileges of an area are not abused.
A request designating a magistrate or a report put together by the official might be tested entomb alia on the grounds of mala fide goal, colourable exercise of force, ultra vires, and so on Assuming the courts can save off-base and unlawful demonstrations by applying the boundaries of the Judicial review, the regulatory specialists can survey similar demonstration by investigating such requests assuming they see that they are ultra vires.
"Subsequently, Judicial review is the standard and substance of law and order". It is an overseer of Law and order.

(c)  Regulation is an old but increasingly necessary mode of social coordination and political intervention into societal processes. Examine it in the context of globalization.(Organisations)


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