Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 6)

Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-6)


Q6.(a) Emphasis on cost control and reducing public expenditure has diverted the focus of government budgets from the basic objectives of reallocation of resources, bringing economic stability and promoting social equity. Examine. (Financial Administration)


(b) In modern context,  Riggsian terms have not altogether disappeared, but have emerged in different forms with newer meanings. Discuss. (Comparative Public Administration)(PAID)


(c) A striking feature  of economic development is an apparent symbiotic  evolution of strong States and strong market economies. Analyze.(Development Dynamics)

A striking feature of economic development is an apparent symbiotic evolution of strong States and strong market economies. In any case, conventional investigations of financial improvement will more often than not center around the development of the market economy with less consideration paid to the extension of the state. Similarly as private physical and human resources amassing is a critical motor of private area development, the development of public capital is additionally a motor of state extension. It is questionable that a decent piece of putting resources into state effectiveness comes from working on the state capacity to carry out a scope of approaches, something which we will allude to as state limit. These days, this idea is typical in different parts of sociology. Begat by verifiable sociologists, for example, Charles Tilly, state limit initially alluded to the force of the state to raise income. Here we widen it to catch the more extensive scope of capabilities that the state gets in the improvement interaction, which incorporates the ability to uphold agreements and backing markets through
guideline or in any case.

The issue of state limit is additionally normal money in the applied improvement local area, where it is personally connected with the idea of feeble or delicate states. Feeble states will generally be irredeemably poor, unfit to keep up with fundamental financial capacities and raise the income expected to convey essential administrations to their residents. They are likewise frequently tormented by common confusion or then again altogether conflict. This affinity towards conflict and feeble government establishments will in general be grouped with low pay levels and stagnation.

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