Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 8)

Public Administration Mains 2021 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-8)


Q8.(a) The successful attainment of SDGs objectives largely depends upon the wisdom, experience and farsightedness of the actors involved and their willingness to cooperate in the implementation process. Analyze. (Development Dynamics)


(b) Groups work to elevate issues on the policy agenda or seek to deny other groups the opportunity to place issues. In this background, discuss the role of interest groups in agenda setting in the developing countries.  (Accountability and Control)


(c) Civil servants generally tend to  exhibit the values and ethical framework of the political executives under whom they function. Explain.(Personnel Administration)

The ethical and moral ideals underlying the philosophy of administration in many countries have meant that public servants exhibit such traits as setting a high standard of conduct, espirit de corps, self-sacrifice, public duty and general concern for the social good. Unfortunately, such ideals have come into conflict with the narrow outlook which is characteristic of unions and employee associations. The latter have rather emphasised the view that the public service is merely a job. They would rather not accept the traditional role of public servants wherein duty to serve the community at all times, and sacrificing even one’s personal life for the higher cause were considered more important than the union’s approach to work ethics. Thus modern public administration faces an inherent-conflict between the traditional expectation of those officials who serve the State, and the alternative expectation of government employees who believe that their obligations to serve are restricted only to those duties that are part of their job classification, and for which they be held legally, but not necessarily morally, responsible.

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