Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 1)

Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-1)


Q1. Answer the following in about 150 words each: 

(a) Public Management takes ‘what’ and ‘why’ from Public Administration and ‘how’ from Business Management. Elaborate.

ANSWER : Public Management is concerned with planning and carrying out the action, while Public Administration is primarily concerned with the application of policies to regulate the behavior of management personnel. They will essentially be the professionals in charge of public organizations' managerial functions. In an ideal world, they should be increasing the effectiveness and quality of these organizations' public services. The majority of these professionals are concerned with workflow in public organization management, whether internally or externally. They must manage risk and change internally within these entities. On the outside, it is expected of them to lead efforts to support the implementation of public policy in conjunction with private organizations.

(b) Every human organisation shall start from System-I and ultimately end up with System-IV. Comment on Likert’s statement.


(c) All tribunals are courts, but all courts are not tribunals. Explain.


(d) Classical Organisation Theory formed the bedrock for the modern organisation theories. Analyse.

ANSWER : The emphasis of classical theory is placed on an organization devoid of individuals. As a result, a lot of experts think that dealing with the complexities of an organization's structure and operations isn't enough. In addition, it provides an inadequate account of human behavior in businesses. The new classical method consists of two parts. The clinical method, which is comparable to the doctor's diagnosis of the human body, can be used to comprehend the social mechanism of group behavior. The social, economic, and technological dimensions of the situation within the organization should be taken into consideration. Organizational structures, both formal and informal, are emphasized in this theory. Another contribution from new-classical thinkers is the behavioral approach used in this theory. Specifically, the foundations of classical theory. Job division, department coordination, and human actions were taken as givens, despite the fact that these postulates were regarded as being altered by individuals acting independently or within the context of an informal organization.

(e) Interaction between the State and Civil society has hitherto been largely neglected, especially in developing countries. Examine.


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