Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 3)

Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-3)


Q3.(a) Integration of different streams of administrative thought to propound a universal administrative theory is hindered by the impact of culture. Critically examine.(Administrative Thought)

Answer : Barnard proposes the zone of indifference as the human state that animates authority relationships and cooperation in modern organizations. Chester Barnard employed a notion known as the Zone of Indifference to substantiate Authority. There is a Zone of Indifference in each individual within which orders are acceptable without questioning. The objective characteristic of a communication of authority is that aspect which induces acceptance.

  1. The character of authority in organizational communications lies in the potentiality of assent of those to whom they are sent.
  2. The system of communication is a primary continuing problem of a formal organization.
  3. There are controlling factors in the character of the communication system as a system of objective authority.

(b) New public service celebrates what is distinctive, important and meaningful about public service. Discuss.(Administrative Law) (15)


(c)  (c) Strategic communication ought to be an agile management process. Discuss the conceptualization of strategic communication for the government actions.(Organisations) (15)

The process of making policies ought to incorporate elements of strategy, strategic communications, and policy all of which ought to strengthen one another. Within this triad, strategic communications play the role of "a tool of strategy, exercised by the most senior levels of government when they craft and weave the core messages in support of policy goals." This would be a useful description of the role of strategic communications. It is one method by which strategic leadership directs and directs the government machinery.’ This point of view holds that senior policymakers as well as political and military leaders are accountable for strategic communications. They are the ones who create the guiding narrative, weigh the options, and make the necessary decisions. In a number of ways, strategic communications should be incorporated into the policy process from the start. Each department's work should reflect this.

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