Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 5)

Public Administration Mains 2022 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-5)


Q5. Answer the following in about 150 words each:

(a)   Development Administration ’embraces the array of new functions assumed by the developing countries’. Explain. (Comparative Public Administration)

The term "development administration" is used to describe the complex relationships between government organisations, organisational structures, and operational procedures in developing nations. To fulfill a nation's social and economic goals, development administration—which is regarded as the public apparatus—was set up. The "Four P's" - policies, programmes, projects, and purposes — are so reflected in it. It is demonstrated by its intent, dependability, and outlook. The main goal of development administration is to support and promote clearly defined programmes for social and economic advancement. Even though it is distinct in character, development administration depends on the field of public administration. It examines a variety of additional issues in addition to how a nation keeps law and order.

(b) Policy evaluation contributes fundamentally to sound public governance. Discuss. (Development Dynamics)


(c) (c) Weber’s construct of bureaucracy has served a great heuristic purpose in furthering research in the field of Comparative Public Administration. Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons. (Personnel Administration)


(d) Standards are the foundation which do not replace regulations but complement them. Comment. (Development Dynamics)

There are many ways that using standards helps government agencies, from streamlining internal processes to encouraging the creation of new regulatory paradigms. The government wants to reduce bureaucracy in both the public and private sectors. Regulators and their inspectors should concentrate on the businesses that pose the greatest risk, as opposed to burdening everyone, as has been the practice in the past. Standards are important at this point. to add to regulations rather than take their place. An organization that adheres to standards is more likely to have effective management because best practices have an impact on them. As a result, regulators will have an easier time deciding where to focus their attention. A risk-based approach to regulation can be built on the basis of standards.

(e) ‘Outcome budgeting addresses the weaknesses of performance budgeting.’ Elaborate. (Techniques of Administrative Improvement)


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