(Papers) Rajasthan PSC :  Main Exam - 2013  Question Paper-2

(Papers) Rajasthan PSC :  Main Exam - 2013 

Question Paper-2

Exam Name : Rajasthan PSC Main Exam (RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam - 2013)

Total Marks : 200

Total Question : 48

Year: 2013 

Subjects : General Studies & General Knowledge

:: General Studies ::

Ques-1. What is the cyber Warfare? How is this technique used in was ?

Ques-2. What is the Quantum dots ? Write about their applications.

Ques-3. What is the Spring/Vernal Equinox ? How does it Happen.

Ques-4. What is Cloning? Write about its applications.

Ques-5. Why convex mirrors are use as rear view mirrors in vehicles ?

:: General Knowledge ::

Ques-1. Define the isotopes.Give the two examples?

Ques-2. In which field Nobel prize was awarded to C.V.Raman Hargovind Khurana?

Ques-3. What is acid rain? Write the cause for its formation ?

Ques-4. Write the name of any two green house gases.

Ques-5. What is the size of nanoparticles?List any two uses of these.

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