(Papers) Rajasthan PSC :  Main Exam - 2016  Question Paper-2

(Papers) Rajasthan PSC :  Main Exam - 2016 

Question Paper-2

Exam Name : Rajasthan PSC Main Exam (RAS/RTS Comb. Comp. Exam - 2016)

Total Marks : 200

Total Question : 65

Year: 2016 

Subjects : Mathematics

:: Mathematics::

Identify the error/errors if any and wright the following Sentences :

Ques-1. Find the number of 5's in the following number chain such that sum of two digit before it is not greater than sum of two digits that follows it.


Ques-2. A particle can comleate circular round in one minute,but the move half round clockwise and one third round anticlockwise successively .Find the time in which particle will complete one round.

Ques-3. Find the smallest integer greater than 1 which is simultaneously a sqare and the cube of certain integers.

Ques-4. In a right angle tringle ABC,right angled at B, Prove that


Ques-5. What is the variance of first and natural number ?


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