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(MCQ) India & World Geography: Conventional Energy in India

1. Consider the following, which of these are incorrect?

i) Conventional sources of energy contribute about 67% of India’s power and production
ii) Thermal energy is the largest energy source in India

a) i only
b) ii only
c) both i and ii
d) none

2. Which of the following are correct?

i) India has the third largest coal reserves in the world
ii) India is the worlds third largest consumer of coal
iii) Coal mining began at Raniganj in 1774

a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) i and iii
d) none

3. Match the following

Coal Mine Location

i) Raniganj a) Tamil Nadu
ii) Jharia b) West Bengal
iii) Neyveli c) Orissa
iv) Talcher d) Jharkhand
v) Wardha e) Maharastra

a) i-b, ii-d, iii-c, iv-a, v-e
b) i-e, ii-c, iii-b, iv-a, v-d
c) i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d, v-e
d) i-b, ii-d, iii-a, iv-c, v-e

4. Which of the following are correct?

i) Ultra Mega Power Projects scheme was launched to meet the policy of ‘Power for all’ by 2011
ii) It involves the construction of super large power plants with a capacity of 4000 MW.
iii) The UMPP scheme is being implemented by Power finance corporation ltd

a) ii
b) i and iii
c) ii and iii
d) none

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