(Sucess Story) Humble Beginnings To Height of Success – Dr. Pankaj's Inspirational Story AIR-56

(Sucess Story) Humble Beginnings To Height of Success – Dr. Pankaj's Inspirational Story AIR-56

Dr. Pankaj’s story is what movies are made of. Hailing from the Teet village of Rewari district in Haryana, Pankaj has done his schooling from the village government school. After his schooling, he cleared PMT and got admitted to a government medical college. He is the first IAS officer from his village. During his MBBS days, he realized that although as a doctor he will do good, there is a much larger platform available from which he can solve the issues people from villages such as his face on a day-to-day basis.

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Formerly selected as an IPS officer, Dr. Pankaj Secured AIR-56 in his 3rd UPSC CSE Attempt in 2019

The Struggles Of Rural India

Pankaj says people from the deep rural areas of India have a lack of guidance in their lives. They do not have access to ready information such as daily english newspapers, nor have they met people from such distinct and specialized walks of life such as IAS or IPS officers. This is one of the reasons he failed his interview in his first attempt. Regarding his second attempt, Pankaj believes his preparation was very good. However, it was nervousness and the fear of failure that messed his optional paper. As a result, his result suffered.

Pankaj’s father believed that there is no difference between a government and a private school, and if the teachers teach with care, children from these schools can do very well in life as well. Pankaj has taken after his father’s school of thought. Conviction matters. If you are confident and believe in your dreams, you will not give up on it.

The Internet Is Your Friend

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Pankaj believes the internet is crucial towards success for people from the rural belt even more. Even if you lack the resources at hand, the internet will get you everything you need, whether it's texts, newspapers, or even guidance from ias toppers. Spending 5-10 hours every day on your preparation is important and finding a way to accommodate this in your day is non-negotiable. Persistence and consistency will push you through.

Luck Cannot Defeat Perseverance

There are also some factors beyond your control. Maybe a upsc question paper was concentrated on topics that are not your strong suit. Maybe the person who interviewed you was not in a very giving mood. These can affect your result. But do not give up. Take another look at your strategy and keep trying harder. One may get selected in their very first attempt or the very last, but none of that would affect the social impact either one of you will have.

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Success Has Always Been A Struggle. Image Credit: @sylvia duckworth

Message To Aspirants

Pankaj believes every person, from every sphere of life, can achieve what they set their eyes at. Being confident about your abilities is key. 

He requests all aspirants to realize that although UPSC CSE is a great platform, it is not the end of the world. 

You are more than one exam and your life should not be defined by it. As long as you take this exam as an exam, you will perform to the best of your abilities.



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