(SUCCESS STORY) From Miss India to an IAS Officer – The Inspirational Journey of Aishwarya Sheoran (AIR 97)

(SUCCESS STORY) From Miss India to an IAS Officer – The Inspirational Journey of Aishwarya Sheoran (AIR 97)

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From Model To UPSC Role Model

Aishwarya Sheoran’s story is what a hit film story is made of. The Miss India 2016 finalist has taken the news cycle by storm by securing an all India rank of 93 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2019. A jack of all trades, Aishwarya has proven her mettle in two very distinct fields. Hailing from an Army background, moving all over the country every two or three years, Aishwarya credits a part of her success to the adaptability the army life has taught her.

Family Background :

Aishwarya’s family hails from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Her grandfather was a farmer, and her father is in the army. Due to the nature of an army job, she would move around the country, shifting from one place to another every two years. Her mother is a homemaker, while her brother is an under-23 cricketer. From their early childhood, Aishwarya and her brother have been encouraged to cultivate diverse hobbies alongside their education.


Aishwarya Sheoran Interview 

In college, she met friends and professors who introduced her to the Union Public Service Commission and the Civil Services Examinations it conducts every year in order to recruit the finest of the youth to the Indian bureaucracy. Her seniors introduced her to source material and previous year’s questions in their college library. Thus, began Purana’s journey towards her Civil Services goals.



Education :

Having moved around a lot, Aishwarya has attended several schools. However, the one worth mentioning is Sanskriti School in Delhi, where she enrolled in the middle of her 10th class and continued the rest of her schooling, up to her 12th boards. Although from a Science background in school, Aishwarya chose to do her graduation in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. She completed her graduation in 2017 and has been preparing for her UPSC dream ever since.

Why Civil Services? 

Aishwarya believes that army kids are blessed with the skill of adaptability. And along with this, and exposure to the world beyond the civil life. This helped her zero in on Civil Services as her ultimate goal. In fact, when she was in the 12th standard, she had already decided that she wanted to crack UPSC in the next 5 years. Aishwarya says her true passion has always been civil services.

Miss India Org's Instagram Post COngratulating Miss Sheoran

Modeling just happened by chance in college and remained with her as a hobby. She tried her hands at many fields in college by being a part of many societies such as dance club, debate club, as well as the global non-profit, Enactus. She chose these fields carefully based on what she liked and what allowed her to grow as a person and develop her overall personality.

However, on graduating, her father was transferred to Mumbai. She immediately took it forward, completed all her ongoing modeling assignments, and started her civil services preparation. She says there is always the easy choice in life which can get one instant fame, success, even financial gain. However, she being the person she is, will always choose the hard path that would allow her to do more good in the world. The satisfaction that comes from such work is unparalleled and Aishwarya would always choose the harder path.

Message to UPSC Aspirants :

“Never let anyone tell you can’t do something”, Aishwarya says, “and if you think you can do it, you are already halfway there.” UPSC Civil Services is one of those battles that can take years and lead to an array of ups and downs, both situational and emotional, in one’s life. Aishwarya says she has been a victim. But she told herself if every year some eight hundred others can crack this exam, why not her?

Consistency is key; if you are going to crack this examination you can’t lose hope. Believing in oneself is the key to success in UPSC. Remember that as long as you keep working towards your goal, soon enough, your name will be on that final merit list too. Never give up!




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