(Success Story) UPSC 2021 TOPPER, AIR-4 Aishwarya Verma Strategy for Cracking IAS Exams

(Success Story) UPSC 2021 TOPPER, AIR-4 Aishwarya Verma Strategy for Cracking IAS Exams

Aishwarya Verma has secured the AIR 4th in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2021. He is a native of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Technically, he is the topper amongst boys. His journey towards the success is not smooth but rather quite struggling. In his first attempt, he couldn't clear the UPSC Preliminary examination. In his second and third attempt, he couldn't qualify the interview stage. Finally, he scored a total of 1039 marks and secured AIR 4th in his fourth attempt. During an interview by PTI, he said

“To be honest, I was not expecting this. Already I have had failures, so this was a surprise for me. Since, my mains exam and interview both went well, I was just hoping my name would be somewhere in the list.”


In 2017, Aishwarya Verma completed his Bachelor of Technology degree from Pant Nagar University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand. After graduation, he didn't take the campus placement and went to Delhi for the preparation of UPSC Civil Services and joined the coaching. He chooses Geography as his optional subject. He says, “I realised that civil services is what I am best suited for, and I am going to enjoy working there only. Why am I wasting time if my goal is clear? This was it and everything fell through.”

In 2020, Covid 19 broke out; he left Delhi and started preparing from home through self study only. In 2019, he also passed the CAT exam and scored 98%. After his fourth attempt; he intended to plan his MBA as an optional career. But after succeed in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2021, he said

“I am glad that I don’t have to do that now because that job would never satisfy me. I chose civil services because it gives you an opportunity to do things that are eventually going to make someone’s life better. That itself is a booster for a person like me to be passionate about this job.”



UPSC is a long journey, sometimes aspirants divert from the right path and this leads to cost of their attempts. Aishwarya believes that in this examination right guidance and direction, both play a very important role in the aspirant’s life while preparing. It can be from any source. Aspirants can take the help of coaching, toppers, selected candidates, teacher's, veterans’ aspirants or to any one.


Aishwarya used to study 12 to 14 hours a day. He advised the aspirants to prepare short term and long term targets and stick to that. Consistency is very important; it will help you to complete the whole syllabus which is quite huge. He mentioned that preparation is your responsibility. Do not delegate the responsibility to anyone. Evaluate yourself from time to time and work on your weakness.


Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination requires perseverance, determination and your single mindedness. Things may get difficult at several points, sometimes in a day too, He said about him

“My resume was blank. I knew if civil service doesn’t work out, then I might have to struggle for a stable career. I was very confident after my third attempt but couldn’t succeed. That was my weakest time but my parents came to the rescue. They always assured me that I should go ahead, and they would support me in all ways. I also don't give up and believe in myself. I believe that sometimes it takes a long time for your efforts to bear fruit. But you must persist”.


Aishwarya kept the newspaper reading at one of the highest priority in his preparation phase. He believes that newspapers help in the coverage of current events for all 3 phases: prelims, mains and interview. In newspapers you always find unique data, case studies and various examples related to UPSC syllabus which helps in your answer writing. But before reading newspaper aspirants must be aware of what to read and how to utilise it in your preparation. He advised aspirants to make short notes from the newspaper in their own language; it helps in the last moment revision. 


He advised the aspirants for mains answer writing practice they can refer to the toppers’ answer copies. These answer copies can give you an insight on how to improve marks and on the execution part. Nowadays toppers' answer copies are easily available on you tube, various coaching sites etc.

He also mentioned that aspirants can also get the help of government data such as the Nitiaayog@75 document, economic survey etc. From these documents you can find the relevant data’s which helps you in the mains examination.

Aishwarya advised the aspirants UPSC Is a long journey. Be calm during this journey. In between the studies also take a small break and do what you like. He used to play cricket and chess whenever he took a break from his studies. He said by doing these activities, it lowers the unnecessary pressure. At last Aishwarya said

"Do not give up. Believe in yourself. You will do it. Whenever you feel like giving up, tell yourself I can, I will do it."

Aishwarya wishes you all the best.



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