Uma Harathi has secured 3rd rank in the UPSC Civil Services examination, 2022. She is a native of Telangana State.

She secured All India Rank 3 in her fifth attempt. Uma has credited her family for her success. She mentioned that it was her father who motivated her to become an IAS officer as it is a good platform as well as an excellent profession to be in. She had to go through many struggles before cracking the exam on her fifth attempt.

She reached the interview stage on her third attempt only to fail due to the UPSC Mains exam in which she did not have a good score. When she failed Prelims on her fourth attempt, She realized that Geography as her optional subject was not working for her. She then chose Anthropology

During an interview Uma has mentioned that the “failure gave her the much-needed opportunity for introspection. It led her to have some time to think which led her to a better understanding of herself”.

Educational background

She holds a degree from IIT Hyderabad, where she pursued her B.Tech in civil engineering. Her academic journey commenced at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad, where she completed her schooling up until 10th grade. Following her graduation, Uma embarked on her UPSC preparation, opting for Anthropology as her optional subject. She also worked in a civil services coaching institute for 6 months. She has mentioned that she came to Delhi for UPSC exam preparation but could not find the peace of mind she needed to be in to prepare efficiently. She turned to her friends and leveraged group study to reach her aim.

Uma Harathi’s UPSC preparation strategy

Understanding the UPSC syllabus

She emphasised a comprehensive comprehension of the topics and subtopics, leaving no stone unturned. Staying updated with the ongoing events played a significant role in progressing through the UPSC assessment. She maintained a well-balanced approach across all areas and ensured thorough coverage of the UPSC Syllabus. Completing practice tests proved to be a valuable tool for effective time management.

Ncert is very important

Uma said studying NCERT Books help in building the foundation for UPSC preparation. Although studying only NCERTs is not enough and other standard references are also of equal importance, if you begin with the NCERT books for preparation, it will provide you with a strong base to move ahead with other books and references.

Choose the optional carefully

Uma Harathi N chose Anthropology as her UPSC optional subject. She had Geography for her first four attempts however; she realized it was not the right choice for her. She referred to Anthropology Optional books for her preparation along with discussions with her friends.

At last Uma said, “Do not fear failure. It is important to stay focused and not let anything impact you. Failure is just another stepping stone toward success” and advise the aspirants read only as much is needed. 

Do not read too much. Just read as much as needed and practise a lot. This is a competitive exam and practice makes or breaks everything. So, practice a lot.

Source: various newspaper and journals