Smriti Mishra has secured 4th rank in the UPSC Civil Services examination, 2022. She is a native of Prayagraj. She cleared the UPSC exam on her third attempt. On her second attempt she could not even clear the Prelims exam because of CSAT. She did not give up and with full determination she continued her preparation. At last she made her place in the topper list. During an interview by Media she said, she didn’t actually expect to be in the upsc toppers list, however, she knew she would make it but rank 4 actually surprised her in a good way.

Educational background

Smriti completed her schooling in Agra at St. Clair’s Higher Secondary School. She completed her graduation from the Miranda House College in the University of Delhi. After that she pursued her interest in law and embarked on a journey to fulfil her dream of entering civil services. She chooses zoology as her optional subject. Her interest in the subject and her scientific background played an important role in her decision to select Zoology as her optional subject.

Smriti Mishra's UPSC preparation strategy

Set up Realistic but little ambitious targets

Smriti advises the aspirants to try and set up Monthly, Weekly, Daily targets. It is essential that these targets are realistic so that they are achievable while it is also important that they are ambitious so that they give you a push to utilize your time to the best extent.

Self analysis 

Smriti said she compared her answers with previous toppers notes and her own previous attempts. This helped her to identify areas of improvement and she refine her writing style accordingly.

Answer writing practice

Answer writing practice is very important. The advantage of answer writing practice is that you will be able to learn more by writing. Writing helps in internalising what you have read. This assumes greater significance when you have to read a huge syllabus.

Taking the help from Toppers

Smriti took the guidance from toppers, by referring to their notes and answer writing booklets. By analysing the answers of toppers, she gained insights into content enrichment, effective examples, and facts that could be used in multiple answers.

At last Smriti Mishra said, “she aim to fulfil the task of financial independence of women and their skill development, access of technology at grass root level, controlling corruption in lower levels of administration, strengthening urban- local governance.