(GIST OF KURUKSHETRA) Boosting Rural Sports Infrastructure

(GIST OF KURUKSHETRA) Boosting Rural Sports Infrastructure


Boosting Rural Sports Infrastructure


  • The credible performance in Olympics and Paralympics can be attributed to the role of the Paralympic Committee of India, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) and collaborations with state governments in augmenting sports infrastructure and training facilities especially in the rural areas. 
  • In addition, MYAS launched the Target Olympic Podium Scheme in 2014 with an aim to realise India’s Olympics medal dreams at Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. The scheme provides financial and other support to top athletes in the country to help them reach the podium at the Olympics.

Constitutional context:

  • As per the constitutional provisions, the promotion of ‘Sports’ falls on the State subject list, which implies that the responsibility for the development and creation of sports infrastructure lies with the States and Union Territories. The role of the central government is to support States and UTs in building infrastructure for promotion of sports amongst youth.
  • MYAS supplements their efforts in this regard by providing financial assistance for promotion of sports activities through National Sports Federations, training in Sports Authority of India (SAI) Centres, support under Khelo India Scheme and for youth activities in the country through its organisations namely Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and National Service Scheme.

Various schemes for promoting sports:

  • For boosting sports infrastructure especially in the rural, tribal and remote areas in the country, the MYAS is at present implementing various schemes. 
  • The schemes include Khelo India Scheme, Assistance to National Sports Federations, special awards to winners in International sports events and their coaches, National Sports Awards, Pension to meritorious sportspersons, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay National Sports Welfare Fund, National Sports Development Fund and running sports training centres through Sports Authority of India.
  • Periodically after receiving the proposals under various sports promotion programmes from the States and UTs, the MYAS sanctions funds to create infrastructure for programmes according to the parameters of the respective Schemes subject to the completeness of the proposals, technical feasibility and availability of funds under the Schemes.
  • Under the ‘Promotion of rural and indigenous or tribal games’ vertical of the Khelo India Scheme, Mallakhamb, Kalaripayyattu, Gatka and ThangTa have been receiving support. Grants have been provided for infrastructure development, equipment support, appointment of coaches, training of coaches and scholarships.
  • The four selected games represent various regions of the country. Kalaripayattu has its origin from Kerala which is practiced across globe and Mallakhamba, practiced mostly in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Gatka originates from Punjab, and this traditional fighting style of the Nihang Sikh Warriors is used both as self-defence as well as a sport. Thang-Ta is a Manipuri marital art. These sports will get national recognition again with the help of the Khelo India Youth Games 2021.
  • Khelo India Scheme is an umbrella scheme which aims at achieving the twin objective of broad- basing of sports and achieving excellence in sports, which in turn will infuse sports culture in the country, thus allowing the population to derive benefits that sports offers through its cross-cutting influence namely, holistic development of children and youth community development, gender equality, national integration and nation building, healthy lifestyle, national pride and economic opportunities related to sports development.
  • The country has been divided into five zones namely North, East, West, South and North-East Zones to carry out talent identification. Grassroot Zonal Talent Identification Committees are formed to reach out to each and every corner of the country to shortlist the potential and proven athletes in 20 sports disciplines. Under the ‘Talent Search and Development’ vertical of the Khelo India Scheme, Khelo India Athletes identified and selected under the scheme are provided annual financial assistance of Rs. 6.28 lakh per athlete per annum. Further, each Khelo India Centre notified under the Scheme at district levels in various States/Union Territories are eligible to receive Rs.5 lakh per discipline as one-time grant and Rs. 5 lakh per discipline as recurring grant.


  • The positive impact of boosting India’s sport infrastructure at the grassroots has started to yield results. With the thrust on creating additional sports infrastructures at the grassroots, it is expected to result in India emerging as a major sporting power house in the next decades.



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