(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Engineering Interventions [APRIL-2018]

(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Engineering Interventions


Engineering Interventions

Some of major engineering interventions that need to be addressed to harness increase in fisheries productivity are:

a. Mechanisation of fishing vessels (crafts): Fisheries sector has seen a remarkable growth after 1986 due to intensification of mechanization, motorization of country crafts, multi-day fishing and post harvest technology. The fishermen in the country are now using various types of fishing crafts and gears for fishing. The major crafts used are of 3 different categories namely mechanized, motorized and non-motorized. The mechanized sector includes trawlers, gill-netters and tuna long-liner vessels. The vessels in the mechanized sector use machines for both propulsion and operation of the gear. Major gears used by the mechanized vessels are trawl nets, gill nets, bag nets, hooks & lines and purse seines.

b. Hatchery construction for quality seed production

c. Feed Mill for manufacture quality feed for aqua farms.

d. Manufacture of quality gear materials for fabrication of nets.

e. Construction of landing centers

f. Infrastructure development for cold chain process.

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