(The Gist of Kurukshetra) GANGA GRAM-November-2017

(The Gist of Kurukshetra) GANGA GRAM-November-2017


Ganga Gram is a joint initiative of MDWS and MoWR. The Gram pradhans of these village were administered oath for achieving the goal of Adarsh Ganga Gram. The Ganga Gram initiative would focus on better cleanliness and infrastructure facilities like Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM), rejuvenation of ponds and water sources, water conservation projects, organic farming, crematorium and overall convergence with other government department and projects.

Ganga Gram-An Overview

• 24 Model “Ganga Gram” to be developed in 5 states as suggested by States & MoWR.
• 3 villages in Utarakhand, 10 in Uttar Pradesh, 4 in Jharkhand and 2 villages in West Bengal have been identified.
• States / Ministers to allocate resources at district and state levels for the implementation and monitoring.
• MDWS and NMCG will coordinate the entire pilot project.

 Features of Ganga Gram (NMCG Guidelines)

• ODF Villages with 100% coverage of Individual Household Latrines.
• Proper disposal of waste water through drainage system.
• Proper disposal of solid waste.
• Water conservation activities including rain water harvesting /ground water recharge / maintaining of well and ponds.
• Encourage meditational plants and organic farming cultivation.

Features of Ganga Grams (NMCG Guidelines +)

• Construction of crematorium with modern techniques.
• Renovation of village ponds.
• Promotion of Sprinkler irrigation
• Promotion of Tourism
• Coordination between various central and state government sponsored schemes and their implementation of priority in Ganga Grams.

Way to Ganga bank ODF: Challenges

• Huge number and geographical spread.
• Non-availability of Sand in states.
• Floods in Ganga Plains.
• Assembly Election in UP.
• Issues of Diyara Villaves.
• Administrative issues such as changein Departments in Bihar.
• Non-availability of funds.

Strategy for Implementation at Village Level

• Situational Analysis
• Baseline data
• Qualitative data to collect from community participatory exercise.
• Community Consultation and capacity building.
• Community level institution building for execution, monitoring and evaluation
• Preparation of Detailed project report (DPR).
• Preparation of phase wise action plan for implementation.
• Community endorsement of DPR and action plan in Gram Sabha.
• Execution of action Plan.

Upcoming Steps

• Preliminary consultation with States/ District today by MDWS (VC).
• Launch of Ganga Gram project on 12th August 2017 at Allahabad.
• Ministry/State level consultations for task allocation.
• Appropriate model of SLWM would be explored and implemented.
• Joint team from MDWS and NMCG would monitor the wor.

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