(GIST OF KURUKSHETRA) Harnessing the Power of Digital Technology for Greener Villages

(GIST OF KURUKSHETRA) Harnessing the Power of Digital Technology for Greener Villages


Harnessing the Power of Digital Technology for Greener Villages


  • While rural areas may have lower awareness of environmental concerns compared to urban centres, it is the rural regions that bear a greater burden of challenges emerging from an overburdened environment.
  • It is due to the heavy dependence of a significant rural population on agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, along with their closer connection to nature.

Role of Digital Technology

  • Recent data suggests that rural India has overshadowed urban India in terms of the growing numbers of Internet users.
  • Digital technologies can offer a unique means to raise awareness about environmental issues and foster sustainable practices.
  • Swachh Bharat Mission is also employing digital tools like geotagging and mobile apps to track progress and engage communities in sanitation efforts.
  • These endeavours underscore India’s commitment to leveraging digital technology for a more sustainable and connected future.
  • By leveraging various digital initiatives, the nation is equipping its people with sustainable agricultural practices using content and mobile technology, benefiting millions of farmers, increasing yields, conserving water, and promoting sustainable farming.

The Government’s Approach

  • The Government of India is employing digital technologies to advance environmental protection and awareness in a multifaceted strategy.
  • It aims to directly engage citizens in environmental protection efforts, utilising online platforms to gather feedback, solicit innovative ideas, and mobilise individuals for active participation in environmental conservation initiatives.
  • It has developed mobile applications that serve as educational tools, offering citizens information about environmental issues and solutions and empowering them to take meaningful actions.

 Challenges facing-

  • Lack of Awareness: There is still a lack of awareness about environmental issues among many people in India.
  • Digital Divide: Lack of access to digital devices, limitations to connectivity, an uninterrupted power supply, and a lack of digital literacy pose challenges to the success of digital initiatives.
  • Lack of Resources: Given the size of our country, there will always be limitations to the resources than can be employed to implement all of the Government’s environment protection and awareness initiatives.
  • Lack of Coordination: Between different stakeholders involved in the processes, including the Central and State government agencies, non-profits, rural bodies, communities, and the private sector.

The Digital Green Initiative

  • Digital Green is a global development organization dedicated to improving the lives of smallholder farmers in countries like India, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan.
  • They achieve this through a combination of digital technologies and local partnerships.
  • It focuses on promoting sustainable farming practices and enhancing food security.
  • Environmental protection is a significant aspect of Digital Green’s work.


  • India is making remarkable strides in harnessing digital technologies to empower its rural communities and propel them towards the creation of green villages. Government initiatives continue to evolve and expand, India is on a promising trajectory towards a greener, more sustainable future where rural populations are equipped with the information and support they need to thrive in harmony with the environment.



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