(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Importance of Organic Farming [APRIL-2018]

(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Importance of Organic Farming


Importance of Organic Farming

Day-by-day, the challenges of agricultural activities are increasing, viz., increased cost of cultivation, water scarcity, availability of labours, etc. Under such conditions if we continue to practice the conventional farming system, then this may aggravate the socio-economic condition along with ecological damages. Therefore, we need to adopt a holistic approach and assess its potential benefits as compared to the intensive farming practices or conventional farming. Figure 1 describes the superiority of in different areas. Agricultural system has a greater role to play in the development process of a country, whether in generating employment, mitigating climate change, or in improving nutrition and health. This depends on our wise selection adoption of smart agricultural methods.

Limitations of Organic Farming:

Time taking process.

Initially low yields are observed.

Easy availability of chemicals.

Requirement of large organic inputs.

Low availability of quality inputs.

Marketing facilities are less.

Certification process.

Research facilities are less.

Training facilities for farmers are less.

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