•  Agriculture is the main source of our national income. According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the contribution of agriculture and allied sectors during the year 1960-61 was 52 percent. In
    2001-2002, the share of agricultural sector in national income was 32.4 percent. Agro products such as tea, sugar, rice, tobacco and spices contribute significantly in international trade and India exports these products in a big way.
  •  The proper development of the agriculture sector leads to increase in exports and reduction in imports. As a result, it helps in balance of payments in favour of the country and also saves foreign currency. These savings can be utilised in the import of more essential items, raw material, machinery, equipment and other infrastructure related items needed for the country. This accelerates the pace of economic development and strengthens the economy of the country.

Significance of PMFBY

  •  "Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana" (Prime Minister's Crop Insurance. Scheme) has been launched from the Kharif season of 2016 to provide safety-shield to farmers against the losses to crops, due to natural calamities.
  •  The maximum premium for Kharif crops has been fixed at 2 percent and one and a half percent for Rabi crops. Along with the standing crops, the risks involved before sowing and after harvest, are also included in it. Not only this, payment of 25 percent of the loss claims is being made online immediately. This scheme has been very popular among the farmers.
  •  The insured amount per hectare was Rs 17,509 during the last two years of the previous Government, which got enhanced to Rs 38,496, thereby recording an increase of 120 per cent during the two years - 2016-17 and 2017-18 of the present Government.

Key emphasis on organic farming

  •  Organic farming is being focused and promoted under 'Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana'. The emphasis is on the maximum use of bio-chemicals, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers. Besides promoting expansion in irrigation facilities, horticulture development, agro-forestry, bamboo mission, bee keeping, milk, fish and egg production, special emphasis has been laid on agricultural education, research and development. More investment has been made to strengthen cooperatives.
  •  New initiatives have been taken to bring self-dependence in pulses and oilseeds. The contingency plan has been provided to all the districts of the country and by enhancing the relief amount of farmers affected by drought and hailstorms, the interests of the farmers in the economy have been protected and given priority.

Measures taken by the government

  •  Agriculture and food security are one of the most important areas for the Government of India. Its main objective is to ensure food and nutrition security at cost-effective prices in an environment-friendly way.
  •  Agriculture has much importance in the context of our country, as the majority of our population is still entirely dependent on it for livelihood. Agriculture also contributes significantly to our fast-growing manufacturing sector in terms of supplying raw material.
  •  Agriculture sector in India is providing entrepreneurial and employment opportunities to a large number of rural people and youth. It is noteworthy that India has achieved great success and achievement in agriculture and allied sectors as compared to earlier times.
  •  A new central scheme called "Agricultural Mechanization Promotion" has been launched with the aim of decreasing the cost of farming, increasing the crop-yield and management of crop-residues. It is being implemented in Punjab, Haryana,

Uttar Pradesh and National Capital Region of Delhi.

  •  The focus of this scheme is on in-place management of crop residues. This scheme was announced in the budget of the year 2018. Under this, a total amount of 1151.80 crores will be spent from the Central Fund during the year 2018-19 to 2019-2020.
  •  Farmers are being provided 50 percent of the cost of machinery I equipment as financial assistance for the purchase of machinery on personal basis for management of crop-residues. Besides, financial assistance is also being provided to State Governments, Agricultural Science Centres, institutions affiliated to Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Central Government Institutions and Public Sector Undertakings for activities related to Information, Education and Communication (IEC).
  •  A new export policy has been prepared to infuse competitive spirit in Indian agriculture. Due to the sincere efforts made by the present Government, export of marine products has increased by 95% that of rice by 85%, fruits by 77% fresh vegetables by 43% and the export of spices by 38%. The interest of farmers has been protected by imposing duty on imports of oilseeds and pulses.

Way forward

  •  Due to consistent research in agriculture, 795 new varieties of crops have been released for farmers. These varieties of crops have the ability to withstand the effects of climate change.
  •  This will enhance production and thereby increase the income of farmers. Several new colleges of agriculture-education and veterinary-education have been opened,  the number of seats and scholarships started to help farmers receive fair value have also been increased. of their produce . Pradhan Mantri Fasal
  •  Innovative technologies developed by the Bima Yojana has been started to cover the Indian Council of Agricultural Research maximum risk of farmers' crops based on (ICAR) have made significant contribution the Scale of Finance by removing capping
  • In Increasing the production of food-grains, horticulture-products, crops, milk, fish and eggs.
  •  Under the Entrepreneurship Development Program, Krishi Vigyan Kendras are helping farmers on various issues related to agriculture through training and technological resources.

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