(The Gist of Kurukshetra) ORGANIC FARMING  [OCTOBER-2019]

(The Gist of Kurukshetra) ORGANIC FARMING



Organic farming in India has been reinvented and getting more popular with each passing day. Farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, administrators, policy makers and of course consumers are showing increasingly greater interest in promotion and development of organic farming in the country.

Organic food products are considered to be much safer and nutritious than the products produced by the conventional farming. Organic farming also helps to restore soil health, protect the environment, enhance biodiversity, sustain crop productivity and enhance farmers' income. Seeing the long term benefits of organic farming, the Government of India has taken many important steps for its promotion in the country. With the support of all kinds of stakeholders and the Government, the scope of organic farming movement has widened tremendously in India.

The main objectives of organic farming or paramparagat kheti are the following:

  • To promote the use of natural resources based on integrated, sustainable and climate-friendly farming practices.
  • Reducing the dependence of farmers on external inputs, promotion of soil fertility, natural resource protection and nutrient recycling.
  • Reducing the cost of agricultural production of farmers so that per unit income can be increased.
  • Protecting the environment from hazardous inorganic chemicals by adopting conventional techniques and farm-friendly technologies, which are cost effective.

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