(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Organic Farming in Indian Economy [APRIL-2018]

(The Gist of Kurukshetra) Organic Farming in Indian Economy


Organic Farming in Indian Economy

The agriculture sector continues to be vulnerable with fluctuating growth rate due to uncertainty of rainfall and raising of temperature (climate change). Therefore, OF has great potential for addressing these issues.

Indirectly, the OF system can provide some economic advantages. With increase in income levels of farmers, their socio-economic conditions improve. The social capacity enhances, and they afford better education for their children. Establishment of SHGs, NGOs, etc. help in easy availability of credits, certification process, etc. Thus, the social capital is increased, and the system also empowers rural youth and women with employment opportunities. Women have more bargaining power, and they also participate in decision making process.

OF aims to work with natural systems, which leads to promotion of indigenous technical knowledge and transfer of knowledge from generation to generation. This helps in preservation of cultural practices and crop varieties. Wild varieties are heritage in the list of germplasm because they are depleting very fast. The health of farmer is maintained by cultivating organic practices and having nutritious foods. Thus, the living standard of the farmers are increased with OF practices.


Organification is the need of the hour to resolve the challenges of agriculture. Low economic returns in the initial stage restrain farmers to adopt OF practices. But this indicates the lack of knowledge about the merits of OF among farmers. Government agencies and schemes should try to fill this gap by giving demonstrations of the techniques of OF to make the farming community expert in the alternative methods of the conventional farming. The system requires good managerial skills to handle all the components in right way to harness maximum benefits of CF. Therefore, the managers of farms also need trainings to enhance the sustainable utilization of resources. More research should be conducted for validation of organic methods in field, as India has huge potential for organic crop production.

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