(THE GIST OF PIB) Child Nutrition Report 2024

(THE GIST OF PIB) Child Nutrition Report 2024


Child Nutrition Report 2024

  • One in four children under age 5 around the world is experiencing severe food poverty, according to the recently released Child Nutrition Report 2024.

About Child Nutrition Report 2024:

  • It was released by UNICEF.

  • This global report examines the status, trends, inequities and drivers of child food poverty in early childhood, including the impact of global and local food and nutrition crises.

  • The report focuses on low and middle-income countries, where most children living in child food poverty reside and on the implications of child food poverty for undernutrition and poor development.

  • UNICEF defines child food poverty as children’s inability to access and consume a nutritious and diverse diet in early childhood (i.e., the first five years of life).

Highlights of the 2024 Report:

  • One in four children under age 5 around the world (some 27% of children under age 5—or 181 million) is experiencing severe food poverty and is vulnerable to life-threatening malnutrition.

  • Over two-thirds of the 181 million young children living in severe food poverty live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, with 20 countries accounting for 65% of the children living in severe food poverty.



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