(The Gist of PIB) Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework 2.0

(THE GIST OF PIB) Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework 2.0


Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework 2.0


  • Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) is a first-of-its-kind assessment framework on climate relevant parameters launched in 2019 by Ministry of State for Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA).


  • Its objective is to provide a clear roadmap for Indian cities towards combating climate change while planning their actions within city including investments.
  • It intends to inculcate a climate-sensitive approach to urban planning and development.
  • Framework has 28 indicators across five categories: Energy and Green Buildings, Urban Planning, Green Cover & Biodiversity, Mobility and Air Quality, Water Management and Waste Management.
  • Climate Centre for Cities under National Institute of Urban Affairs is supporting MoHUA in implementation of CSCAF.

Key objectives of CSCAF 2.0:

  • Improved indicators with feedback from cities and thematic experts.
  • Simplified for easy understanding.
  • Alignment with Swach Survekshan and Ease of Living.
  • Standard evidence templates and data input templates to support in data collection.
  • Centralized portal for data entry with dashboard to view real time updates.

Streets for People Challenge:

  • It is an initiative of Smart Cities Mission (SCM) that aims to inspire cities to create walking-friendly and vibrant streets through quick, innovative, and low-cost measures.
  • Challenge requires each city to test at least one flagship walking project and enhance liveability in one neighbourhood.
  • Streets with high footfall zones can be considered as potential locations for flagship project.
  • Fit India Mission along with India program of Institute for Transport Development and Policy have partnered with SCM to support the challenge.



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