(The Gist of PIB) Endophytic bacteria  [MARCH-2020]

(The Gist of PIB)  Endophytic bacteria


Endophytic bacteria

  • Researchers at IASST Guwahati, have found significant plant-growth-promoting and antifungal activities of endophytic bacteria associated with Tea plant and related genera, Eurya to find potent plant growth-promoting strains.


  • Researchers isolated 46 endophytic bacteria found in diverse environments
  • Most of the endophytic bacteria isolates having antifungal activity showed presence of chitinase, NRPS (Nonribosomal peptides synthetase) or PKS-1 (Polyketide Synthase) gene, suggesting the presence of mechanisms to inhibit the growth of pathogenic plant fungi.
  • Application of endophytic Actinobacteria could reduce chemical fertilizers & fungicides in Tea plantation.


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