(The Gist of PIB) NSS 75TH Round [DECEMBER-2019]

(The Gist of PIB) NSS 75TH Round


NSS 75TH Round

  • National Statistical Office (NSO) has conducted a survey on Household Social Consumption: Education as part of 75th round of National Sample Survey (NSS). Some important findings of the survey are given below.

Key highlights:

  • Literacy rate among persons of age 7 years and above was 77.7%. It was 73.5% in rural and 87.7% in the urban areas.
  • Nearly 10.6 % of the persons of age 15 years and above in India had completed level of education graduate and above. This was 5.7% in rural and 21.7% in urban areas.
  • Among persons of age 3 to 35 years, 13.6% never enrolled,5% ever enrolled but currently not attending while 43.9% were currently attending.
  • Net Attendance Ratio (NAR) at primary level was 86.1%. The figure was 72.2% at ‘upper primary / middle level’ and 89.0% at ‘primary and upper primary /middle level’
  • Nearly 96.1% of the students were pursuing general courses and 3.9% were pursuing technical/professional courses.
  • Among students pursuing general courses, nearly 55.8% were male students and 44.2% were female students.
  • Among students pursuing technical/professional courses, nearly 65.2% were male students and 34.8% were female students.
  • Nearly 57.0% of the students in rural and 23.4% in urban areas received free education.
  • Nearly 15.7% of the students in rural and 9.1% in urban areas received scholarship/ stipend/ reimbursement.
  • Nearly 4.4% of the rural households and 23.4% of the urban households had a computer. Nearly 14.9% of the rural households and 42.0% of the urban households had internet facility.

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