(The Gist of Science Reporter) Important Innovations  [JANUARY-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Important Innovations


Important Innovations

  • Electric Gum: Scientists at Meiji University in Japan have developed a special device named electric gum’ which brings individuals the sensation of a chewing gum that never loses its flavour. Although the device zaps one’s tongue to stimulate taste, the process is completely painless. Behind the electric gum is the piezoelectric effect. This is a phenomenon during which the squeeze of certain materials can produce an electric charge. Currently, the electric gum is able to stimulate bitter and salty tastes but there is a plan to further develop the product in accordance with its pattern.
  • Paper Wristband Saves from UV- rays: A paper wristband has been developed by a team of researchers at the RMIT University in Australia and the University of Granada in Spain. The wristband features specialised phosphomolybdic ink on the exposed portion. The ink will change from colourless to blue once exposed to UV light and with transparent film layers over some portions to make it harder for rays to permeate. This helps wearers of the paper wristband quickly identify when they have gotten their limit of the sun to remind them when it’s time to head indoors.
  • Sun exposure is healthy and essential but too much can lead to skin damage and cancer, so this paper wristband has been developed as a cost-effective solution to help wearers know when they should seek coverage.
  • Microscopic Optical Gyroscopes: The Company Caltech developed a gyroscope significantly smaller, as the size of a grain of rice. Gyroscope devices are generally used to measure or maintain orientation and angular velocity and are used in everything from mechanical systems to smartphones.
  • Innovative Cooling Technology: Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new type of solar panel technology that can replace bulky and energy-hogging air conditioners to combat climate change. This new cooling technology takes the heat generated from the sun with the help of solar panels and converts it into electricity and also releases an excess of heat into space. The process needs less energy than traditional air conditioners and keeps buildings cool and comfortable. The cooling technology is still currently in development but can help solve the greater issues of climate change.

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